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    Caustic Burno, have you heard from Campground Cattle lately?
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    Pearl Millet: to graze or not?

    Where in Chester County? Lowrys,Great Falls, Richburg, Fort Lawn, Edgemoor, etc.?
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    Pearl Millet: to graze or not?

    Pearl millet is not much good for doves,brown top millet is the best. You can buy Pearl Millet at Salt Pond Farm & Garden.
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    Pearl Millet: to graze or not?

    Thanks for your reply, How big a field and how many cows? How long does it last the way you propose to use it? What did you end up doing? Get any rain? Just a 1.5 acre field and 11 brood cows. I usually plant in May and it last until mid September when I plant rye. I got close to an inch...
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    Pearl Millet: to graze or not?

    I would have turned the cows in on it on a day on/day off basis after it got knee high(20 to 24 inches) until they nubbed it down to about 6 inches.
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    Pearl Millet: to graze or not?

    I work all day and do not live on the farm anymore so rotating for a few hours would be difficult.
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    Pearl Millet: to graze or not?

    I planted pearl millet on a piece of new ground on May 17. It has rained less than an inch on it since it was planted and it is only about 8 to 10 inches tall. We are in drought here and I will be out of grass in a week if I do not get some heavy rain quick. I am considering turning the cows...
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    Angus bull has to go

    I had 2 Hereford bulls for 7 years and and I had calves that they sired get out twice and it was only one calve at a time. This is my first crop of Angus sired calves and they have been out close to 10 times since they were calved. They are going to the salebarn next week and bull is going when...
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    fertilizing rye and ryegrass?

    Yes, South Carolina fans can be obnoxious and they hate the ACC with a passion because of reasons dating back to when they were in the conference. They despise Tobacco Road teams worse than they do Clemson and that is a lot. I miss the old ACC myself. We sold our soul to the devil (conference...
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    fertilizing rye and ryegrass?

    I am a Clemson Tiger fan, but I did not go to school there. I am going to Littlejohn saturday to watch Clemson play UNC in basketball. I hope that UNC beats Duke tomorrow night because I want the UNC/Clemson game to mean more in the scheme of things in the ACC. I wish that UNC had not removed...
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    fertilizing rye and ryegrass?

    I went and researched this site and forgot that I made a similar post this time last year and you replied and posted a link to the Georgia Forages website article. I read that article and it suggested to spread nitrogen on rye and ryegrass in late January or early February and so I went ahead...
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    fertilizing rye and ryegrass?

    It has just rained a few inches and I am considering fertilizing my rye and ryegrass today or tomorrow. I want to try to give the grass a little kick because I am gonna need it soon because I will run out of hay in 3 weeks. I have usually planted most of my pastures in ryegrass instead of rye...
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    Rye or Ryegrass?

    Which is the best? I have my own opinions, but I just wanna know everyones opinion.
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    No till drills?

    Thanks for all the replies. I have not made my mind up yet. I am planning to go check out a one pass seeder made by Plotmaster.
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    Smokes on top

    When I ran a Hereford bull, the yellow calves off of my Charolais cow brought right up there with the blacks, black baldies,and smokes. I will have a Charolais bull this time next year for my mostly Hereford and Hereford cross cows.
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    average Charolais birthweight EPD?

    What is the average Charolais birthwieght EPD?
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    No till drills?

    I am thinking about getting a no till drill. The reason I want to get a no till drill is that I am tired of having to make 3 passes(scratching with a disc harrow,spreading with a broadcast seeder, and dragging with a drag harrow to cover) to overseed a pasture with rye or ryegrass. My tractor is...
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    What type of soil is your property ?

    Does your Dad try to grow fescue on that black mud?
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    Straddling the fence

    I wish that I had that oppurtunity at this moment. My ryegrass propably won't be ready until mid march.
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    I always wrap my brisket in foil after it has been cooking for a while. BTW, I cut and split more than 3 pickup truck loads of hickory today(thank God for my friends wood splitter). I can't wait until I get a chance to cook with that hickory.