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    What is your most favourite multidose syringe gun for vaccinations?

    Best ive used was one i borrowed where the bottle screwed onto top of gun but then a hose came out with syringe on the end of hose. Push needle in with one hand, inject with the other. No idea on brand but was super fast to do my whole six cows!
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    I will add at first the yoghurt wasnt great but she discovered if you buy a yoghurt strainer and strain it gets rid of the watery liquid which has a funny taste and the resulting yoghurt is thick and better than anything you could buy in the shops.
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    Wife makes water kefir, ive tried it and depending on flavours she uses it is quite nice. Milk kefir i dont mind, sort of like a sharp tasting milk, if you leave it longer becomes like milk mixed with vinegar and is hard to swallow. But for some reason does settle my stomach if ive been eating...
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    Butchering a bull

    Pretty much my experience, our dogs were very happy and fat by the time it was all gone.
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    I've been lucky

    I cant believe the east is crashing again, too soon since last drought. Having a dry spring here in the west and many crops inland are lost. Big fire out at Corrigin today, very early in season for a bushfire.
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    GMO or Non GMO?

    You know if you worry about all these things you are going to die. And if you stop worrying about all these are still going to die.
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    Daily Chuckle

    Took me a second to realise you were replying to the post two above and not above......
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    I have to ask, how did you make thread if logged out?
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    100 % AI, no cleanup bull

    How has he not come back like he has many times before! He'd only shoot his mouth off and get banned again. But now with the politics section maybe he would be ok.
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    Golf Balls in pasture

    I have a golf course about 5km away and often find golf balls around the place. I suspected the neighbors for years until one day i saw for myself a crow flying over and drop a ball. They must think they're eggs and give up trying to eat them right about the time they get over our place.
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    Nice young Gelbvieh bull

    To me a bit to young to make a call. He doesn't carry muscle down his back leg and a bit narrow behind the shoulders. But at ten months he's working on growing, not filling out.
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    Nice young Gelbvieh bull

    I bred one of my red poll cows to a gelbvieh and the calf was a stand out in that years group for two reasons. Firstly the growth rate and muscling was exceptional, secondly it was a complete nut job! I tried to halter break it but gave up after six weeks. I would definitely try them again and...
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    Vegetable pre emergent.

    Obviously i would prefer chemical free but i also know shop bought stuff has every spray known to exist on them so feel I'm no worse off. With my work i get little time to keep on top of weeds so need to try sonething different. And as Silver says, as long as used according to label and follow...
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    Vegetable pre emergent.

    I have used that in potatoes and corn with good success. I run a nursery and all the granular pre emergents we use in the pots are switching to pendamethalin as their active ingredient.
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    Vegetable pre emergent.

    Thabks for that list, lots to get me looking into.
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    Vegetable pre emergent.

    Yes they are but i search up for active ingredient and then search that ingredient for what's available here.
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    Vegetable pre emergent.

    Evening all. Planning on putting in a fairly decent vege garden in. Just looking for advice on good pre emergent sprays i could use. I can research them up if you only know trade names.
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    Is this mastitis?

    Can you bring her in and milk her out some. Do you get those paper strips you can milk onto that change colour? Apparently you can check milk with diswashing liquid but im not sure how. I had a situation where a calf was refusing to drink off the back teats. No mastitis but cow was on a fresh...
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    Have to be careful, a local guy had his hands done and now two years later cant hold a cup. He cant work at all now. If you do have to go the surgery route ask surgeon about a product called remplir made by orthocell. Doing wonderful things repairing nerves. Might not apply to carpel tunnel though.
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    Help/tips inseminating hiefers

    Thankyou for all the good tips, i have two to do in the next few weeks so will report back.