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  1. kucala5

    Covid after 1 yr

    Joe Biden is a fabulist. Has been for at least his entire political career. AKA liar.
  2. kucala5


    Not what we’re after!
  3. kucala5


    We found our first arrowhead on the place. Super excited there could be much more. Thoughts on how to proceed?
  4. kucala5

    Dang.... that was hard to do.

    It’s hard to see those that served you well have to go. We loaded a 23 year old last week that broke my heart. If grass and hay were abundant here, she’d have lived out her days on the farm. That’s not a luxury we have.
  5. kucala5

    Show your calf pictures.

    Betsy with Rudy. He lost part of his ears and tail during the deep freeze in February. Betsy loves her boy just the same ❤️🤠.
  6. kucala5

    Return to Mama?

    Ahhhh. That’s a well known feeling of relief. I love watching a pair figure it out.
  7. kucala5

    Calf problem

    Such an interesting read. It’s difficult to know when to give up after you’ve gone this far. If the little guy isn’t in pain and you can continue your diligence, maybe it’ll be a good ending.
  8. kucala5

    Layer dip

    Recipe please! Love that plate.
  9. kucala5

    Morels 2021

    Conditions are right, but no luck yet for 2021. We love ‘em. We tend to find them around ash trees here.
  10. kucala5

    i'm new here.

    Welcome! You’re in the right place. Lots of kind, knowledgeable folks here.
  11. kucala5

    Heifer calving

    😳 Now that’s loose in the caboose! Best of luck. Let us know.
  12. kucala5

    New Road

    Primary use will be side x side...tractor as needed. We have highway access as well.
  13. kucala5

    New Road

    I just looked up what a waterbar is. Looks like various ways to make one. Any suggestions of what to use that would be “cheap and cheerful”? Photos welcome.
  14. kucala5

    New Road

    Brad must be one of Mitch’s kids. Karen and David both have girls. We have lots of memories with the family from years past.
  15. kucala5

    New Road

    Any chance you know JoAnn and Wallace Sneed? Horse people. Wallace passed a couple years ago. They were Flippinites for many years.
  16. kucala5

    New Road

    Yep. Very familiar with hot wire. So much so we could probably put it up without a charge on it! We are in North Central Arkansas. Flippin to be exact.
  17. kucala5

    New Road

    What part of Arkansas are you in? Flippin America 😊
  18. kucala5

    New Road

    We lost our lease on what basically provided access from one piece of land to another. Today, we had a quarter mile of road cut for an alternate route. We plan to use the decking as a fence for now on the right side. Our girls are easy so should follow us right down or up as the case may be...
  19. kucala5

    Rough Morning

    Soooo sorry for your suck of a day. Could he have succumbed that quickly to lack of colostrum and milk? We’ve had several calves that hit one or two the first few days then get to nursing all four within a week.
  20. kucala5

    Lost our last one.

    Thank you Herman. Rest easy.