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  1. warped04

    Here goes nuthin'

    Nice Pics! Looks great, keep it up!
  2. warped04

    Good or bad?

    Chairs work great. The 90's ones with cloth everywhere. Nice big black smoke.
  3. warped04

    Good or bad?

    That article was terribly written. More opinions and quotes (probably from tweets) than facts. I hate how your day to day journalist has forgotten to use facts ("Oh Bernie Sander's tweeted a statement, therefore it's a fact"). BLEH. I mean good riddance. Even if you believed in all that...
  4. warped04

    Forget Disney World

    Man, that looks awesome and way cheaper than Disneyland :P
  5. warped04

    Garden pics today................

    Beautiful Garden!
  6. warped04

    LED light bars

    I agree. I was going to suggest an LED swivel light (I've seen them on a ton of work trucks up here), but I think what you have will work just as well. But M-5, you are already smarter than myself, so I really didn't need to help you ;)
  7. warped04

    Best WW2 movies

    Did not know that. That was a cool movie.
  8. warped04

    Best WW2 movies

    Porkchop Hill and Hamburger Hill were different right? Hamburger Hill was Vietnam?
  9. warped04

    Best WW2 movies

    Oh, I agree, you've described myself and what we are doing exactly. But when you say affluent, most of us have enough to buy / build and be debt free, but we are giving up those jobs that have financially freed us to do these things (or our funny money from the houses we've been house poor too...
  10. warped04

    Best WW2 movies

    Nice, I thought Hanks, HBO and Ron Howard did an amazing job with from Earth to the Moon, so that should be exciting. I hope they send it to DVD.
  11. warped04

    Best WW2 movies

    I had huge respect for my grandfathers. I believe the Boy Scouts back in those days (ending in my youth) was a recruitment for the military. One grandfather flew B26 over Africa (got shot down twice), and my other was a gunner on a battleship. Although I agree with your statement about people...
  12. warped04

    Best WW2 movies

    I only watch it in German, drives my wife nutz.
  13. warped04

    Changing Demographics

    I didn't watch the whole video, I read an article on this a while back, and if I recall US was on the verge at 2.2, or it might have been 2.6.
  14. warped04

    Best WW2 movies

    I love Midway, and Band of Brothers. The Great Escape was amazing, along with the Dirty Dozen. Tora! Tora! Tora! and Memphis Belle. I'm sure there are others. I'm a sucker for WWII movies, and sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era. Maybe it's just because my grandfather flew a B26.
  15. warped04

    Teachers teaching.

    “That was just bad. It was just bad.”
  16. warped04

    Pull or Push

    :lol: You went there :)
  17. warped04

    What are your Food safety practices?

    I had a rule for all my cooks, that I learned from my mentor early in my chef career. He would say "If my family, or my grandma walked through the door right now, would you feed it to them/her?" Unfortunately, you have to follow all health dept regulations, even those that are over kill or...
  18. warped04

    Kids and farm equipment, how old? -poll

    My 3 yr old can do things that my 5 yr old can't do (and is scared to do). So I imagine by the time my youngest is 5, she'll be doing the same things the 7yr old, so maybe it should change to "kid maturity level?" And I abstained from the voting because I don't have the experience you guys do...
  19. warped04

    im thinkin bobcat??

    I'm curious to see the game cam, you don't think that's too tall for a bobcat?
  20. warped04

    Glad I didn't sell her

    Sorry about your ole #07. Also an interesting discussion afterwards.