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    The time for action was forty years ago. You should have been in the school board meetings, parent teacher conferences and principals office controlling what "they" were changing and teaching your kids. Alas, we are all too busy or it's not my kids or not my job. But weren't we so happy in...
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    Stocking rates and future plans Try this for a start.
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    Would you use a classified section?

    I voted yes. Does it have to be cattle or would cattle related items be ok. I guess there would need to be some sort of rules involved.
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    Plans for the year

    Just one word, "Fence". I need a bunch and can't put it off any longer.
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    Controlling type 2 diabetes with diet

    The Atkins diet is a good place to start, but as has been told to me years ago, “you have to read the book”. As Fence and others have said, it goes against most everything we have been taught about nutrition for most of our life. Fence is on the more extreme side of the program for a reason...
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    Ran across an interesting concept this weekend. What is your opnions?

    Seems like any “deal” this hard to explain just has to many weak points to be worth even a moderate risk. As mentioned, it’s hard enough to make a more traditional beef operation work without trying to mix in some multi faceted conglomeration of breeds and swap options for it to benefit you...
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    Home rent prices are unreal.......

    It's happening across the country. A little bit of social engineering going on I think.
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    Airplane question

    Sometimes things just get your attention. The military will sometimes climb until they see the vapor trail and then drop 500 ft to be harder to detect.
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    Airplane question

    Also, most commercial jets fly pretty close to the same speed when cruising at altitude.
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    Airplane question

    Nothing unusual. A large airplane and a smaller one, maybe a corporate jet or an RJ (regional jet) They will be at different altitudes generally. The vapor trail is formed under certain circumstances depending on temperature and vapor density. The smaller airplane may have changed altitude...
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    I'm out

    As you see from the above, "you can make it work" you just need to have a good job to pay for it. Squeeze the VA for what ever you can, they owe you. I always thought more was better when it comes to land but clearing tree is a lot of work. If your young enough and have time I always thought...
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    I'm out

    Welcome Gobbler, seems like I didn't get near as much for my trees as I thought I would. What area are you located.
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    How to lose money cutting calves

    Now that there is looking at the bright side.