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  1. Ellie May

    Arena Help?

    Hi, Thanks guys & gals! I'll try ya'lls help. I thought about putting her in the pen for a day but haven't tried it yet. I will also try to slow her down a bit because the last thing I wanna do is ruin her. She's a smart, agile lil filly. She Changes leads, side passes, skid stops but most of...
  2. Ellie May

    Arena Help?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I've got a 3 yr. old filly. That I'm teaching barrels to. She is pretty quick in the field and loves to run, but once i hit the arena she plants her feet. You can barely get her to walk. Once I get her moving at a walk or trot she goes but...
  3. Ellie May


    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good transportation company? I have a donkey & pony that someone wants to buy, but they live in California? I live in Tennessee. Any help? Thanks, Candice
  4. Ellie May


    Howdy, Thanks ya'll. I'm glad. Just your opinions and such help a great deal. I might not get to come on here much but when I do it's nice talking to ya'll. I also heard about UTK being the only vet. school in the state, but I heard it's a good one. I've been working on my ACT scores but they...
  5. Ellie May

    Spanish Dress in Parades

    Howdy ya'll, I was wondering if anybody could tell me about the Spanish Dresses that I've seen on horse and riders. They have ruffles or flowers and are very long, some go down to the hocks of the horses. I've seen pictures and looked all over the internet but I can't find where I could buy one...
  6. Ellie May


    Howdy ya'll, I'm graduating High School this spring and then starting college. I'm thinking about being a vet. I know it's ove r 8 yrs. of schooling and I've heard that it's tough competion in becoming a vet. b/c alot more people are doing that profession. If I didn't become a vet. I'd still...
  7. Ellie May

    Bred Black Baldie Heifers-Price??

    Howdy, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I was wondering what a bred or not bred black baldie heifer (dam was hereford/sire was angus-both fullblooded) would bring at a sale and if sold from a breeder. Say they are b/t 600 and 1,000 pounds. I'm located in Middle Tennessee. If anyone...
  8. Ellie May

    Hereford or Shorthorn?

    Hereford, they can put the weight on and look good. Candice
  9. Ellie May

    Let me know what you all think

    Howdy, I like the way the bull looks. I didn't know there was a Hereford Farm in Franklin that's not that far away. Thank you, Candice
  10. Ellie May

    need help selecting a horse breed

    Howdy, Well first off their are so many breeds. So your prob. gonna have to look around and find what you like. We have a BIG Huge Friesian cross mare. She's the greatest horse we have. We bred her to a quarter horse and had a nice colt. He is stout and soooo hansome. Too bad we have too many...
  11. Ellie May

    Selling a Bull!

    Howdy, Well does anbody know any other websites I can post the bull for sale besides this one?? We know he is fullblood because we saw the papers of his sire and dam. The guy was suppose to send us papers but he went bankrupt (imagine that) and never sent them. We are selling him to get another...
  12. Ellie May

    Selling a Bull!

    Howdy, We have a Black Angus bull that we are going to have to sell. What is the best way to sell him? I don't want to just sell him through the stockyards. and what does a fullblood black angus cost around? He doesn't have papers but is fullblood. He's about 3 or 4 years old. we've bred him to...
  13. Ellie May

    Breaking a Pair of Ponies to a wagon.

    Howdy, I'm starting a pair of lil' ol' paint ponies to pull a wagon. They've gotten use to the bit and rigging. What's the next step? I know there is a long process to it. I've never broke a pony to cart but my father and grandfather have been around horses all their lives. They are about 2...
  14. Ellie May


    Howdy, You can easily raise about 10 goats per acre. Saying regular sized. I have some facts don't know if you already know them but they are posted on my website look under goats and sheep. Ellie May
  15. Ellie May

    Dummies Guide to....

    Hey ya'll answered my question to. I have been meaning to ask that. Ellie May
  16. Ellie May


    Howdy, Well the easiest to take care raise,have as a pet and make money off of I've found are Boer Goats and Boer crosses. But they are more expensive then dairy goats and pygmies/dwarves unless they are registered. It just depends on what you want, to equal a cow. Then you can get brush...
  17. Ellie May


    HOwdy, I don't know how much I can help but shoot for any question and I'll try to answer. To start out what is the purpose you want them for to clear out land, milk, meat, pets, etc?? Then we can go on from there. The mininium they need water, salt, fresh pasture or hay, plus the regular...
  18. Ellie May

    Big cow, small calves!

    HOwdy, Sorry I don't know where my head was she weighs 1800 at least I'm still not good with telling weight yet. Just to be on the safe side she is a monster and yea I reckon we are gonna sell her. -----THE ONE-I'm sorry if I come off wrong I only ask questions that I need answered, so I may ask...
  19. Ellie May

    Problem during winter (Hereford vs. Angus)!

    Howdy, Well thank ya'll for all your help I reckon we will just start over with a different bull b/c we lost 2 more in the past three days. Cows are in good shape, they have a warm place to go and are taken care of in every possible manner. We've never had this happen before. When we bought the...
  20. Ellie May

    Happy New Year to all

    Ya Happy New Year to All! Ellie May