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    The Girls are Restless

    That's interesting!! Would you call chicken manure heavily fertilized?? No this is not a trick question, but the reason I ask is because that is what I applied in August of 2008.
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    The Girls are Restless

    I don't feel like I can actually give you a solution, but will share my similar experience. I was grazing a paddock which looked absolutely great (bud stage) grasses and legumes, but the cows bellered day and night. I even had 3 week old calves (4 of them) which ended up being lame after 3...
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    Cattle Eat Thistle

    I have the same thing. My cows will clean a canandian thistle patch from the top clear down to a stubble. Its interesting to watch as even the calves will eat them by the time they are a few weeks old. Also will clean up any burdock and horse weed the can get a hold of, as a matter of fact this...
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    The other side of to much rain. Jump ahead to October 1

    Man I just can't emagine how that would be to have a drought like that, my heart goes out to you 1982 vett. Here I have personally never lived through one of those. We may have a dry spell but nothing like this. As for this year my pastures are getting ahead of me, I have grass which I am...
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    You are welcome and good luck!!
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    I will pass on a tip to kill thistles which I just learned about in the last two weeks. This is what the old fella told me. 5 drops of kerosene in the top right into the heart of the plant and it will kill it from the top down plus go right on down into the root system and wipe it out as well...
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    A bunch of pictures

    I would call that nice cattle and nice open sky scenery!! Very nice!
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    Preventing battery post corrosion

    That may be true. I had thought it seemed like if I didn't rinse them with pure water after the soda mixture, it would not come back as fast. Just my observation I guess.
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    Preventing battery post corrosion

    Baking soda. Mix with water and wash, my experience has been good and its pretty cheap.
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    % bulls to heifers

    Man if this is true we are heading for one heck of a dry year on our farm!
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    Have you ever heard of.............

    Yep you are right, I tried a little and that is exactly what happened!
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    Last name meanings

    Interesting! Mine ends up being..........dweller near high city or high shore.????
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    Have you ever heard of.............

    Barn lime mixed into the water for prevention of bloat, as it changes the ph in the gut????? New one to me by the way!
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    THANKS WALT!!!! I agree 100%!!! I was an oddball when I signed up I guess, because I actually used my REAL farm name and location. However I go by a nickname and have for 25 years which is............Shorty.
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    Weird question/poll for the guys

    Yep it is definitely deep lavacarancher!! :banana: Wisteria, I am not a complainer however...................the weather has just been goofy. We had snow yesterday and the forcast is for 80 degrees by friday............what a mess is all I can say.
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    Weird question/poll for the guys

    Sorry Chrisy!! Okay Wisteria........................It's (Shorty) However the real reason is because I am ONLY 5' 2" tall. :lol:
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    Weird question/poll for the guys

    Well, I go outside as much as possible as well because...... the water in the toilet is sooo cold! :D
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    How do you deal with mud?

    :nod: :nod: Yep works very well!!