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    marketing help

    Just a thought, check out the cattle range., it offers alot of different yet productive marketing ideas where the seller and buyer deal direct. Not taking anything from any of the other marketing practices.
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    scouring calves

    I know it sounds crazy but a person, I can't disclose his occupation, told me to try it.
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    scouring calves

    We had a bad scour problem last calving season. I know this sounds a little off the wall but I swear it works. 2cc of banamine and 5cc of batrile. and tube the electrolites. My calves were any where from 1 week to 8 weeks old that I was doctoring. Surprisingly enough several of them looked...
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    bulls fighting

    It is something that will take a little time. Just as these fellers said they are estblishing the rank order in the herd. Not that this matters but I have 62 rodeo bulls all in one pasture and evry time new ones arrive it starts up BUT I haven't had as bad of a time with them as I do with all...
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    Cattle Dogs

    I whish I could find a good ole catahuolla. I had a good one from Louis. They are UN HERD OF UP HERE. So if ya all know of any Please let me know.
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    How many cattle to make a living?

    I agree with hillbilly 2 it is extreemly complicated if you are going to be profitable and continue to grow. There are so many factors that play a part in it. Depending on the type of operation you want depends on how many
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    Weaning - On the truck or in the pen?

    In an operation were (the buyer) starts the cattle on feed. I prefer them off of the cow, BUT that is due to me being the feeder, doctor, and buyer, it also allows me to purchase the smaller weight calves and in smaller lots then start them until they hit the 550-650 lbs to get a higher return...
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    Weaning - On the truck or in the pen?

    As a buyer I prefer straight off of the cow. Just an opinion but as in the post before mine it is obvious that the weaned 6 and 7 month calves are nocked back a little. As I said it just my opinion
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    Is It Porn?

    That was pretty neat I was definetly expecting something different
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    slaughtering bred heifers

    I would definetly fallow the prior sugestion. Bred cows or hiefers are alot higher up here than kill cows
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    There aren't to many up here, I found out why this last winter. lol. Wisconsin isn't so bad but I would like to move back to east Texas. Some days I think all these old bulls of mine would to.