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  1. RD-Sam

    Interested in opinions

    The seller will get his money back ten fold when people find out he stands behind his cattle, he is a great cattleman, and business man.
  2. RD-Sam

    Embryo Calves

    Nice looking cows, and I like the pedigrees. How is the temperament on that line bred EXT cow?
  3. RD-Sam

    Are the 1150-1200 pound cows reality or myth ?

    I just had a young cow raise a 705 pound bull for her second calf, she weighed 1205 at weaning time. She will probably be in the 1400 to 1500 pound range when she matures. Have a heifer that just raised a 575 pound heifer, momma weighed 970 at weaning time, and she will probably mature at around...
  4. RD-Sam

    Somebody had better grab this one

    Awe, I just threw up a little........
  5. RD-Sam

    Somebody had better grab this one

    Just like a young kid, has no idea what they want.....
  6. RD-Sam

    Soon we could have a drought

    Georgia has been in a drought for 3 years.
  7. RD-Sam

    Somebody had better grab this one

    That ones dam is out of the Univ Tn Plateau Exp Sta, Crossville TN, I'm wondering just what kind of experiments they are conducting up there? :shock:
  8. RD-Sam

    Stop the train

    I quit buying heifers and cows, 50% that I bought didn't work out, that's not a good ratio! I'll take my chances raising my own, cull rate so far is about 12%.
  9. RD-Sam

    cant catch him..dangit

    You're just pawning your problem off on someone else. Buyers remember where they got the problems from, and it could hurt you in the long run. I would just haul him to the processor and be glad to have a little beef from a problem.
  10. RD-Sam

    how much $#^$ salt do they need to eat???

    Have you gotten allot of rain this year, could be the grass is washed out and they are hitting the mineral harder? I feed loose mineral and it only has about 20% salt, the rest is mineral and vitamins, which they need more than the salt. They could be consuming allot trying to get the minerals...
  11. RD-Sam

    Remember, pics do no justice

    That's kinda like a boy named Sue.
  12. RD-Sam

    cant catch him..dangit

    One word, "veal". :D
  13. RD-Sam

    Favorite AI sire

    Which AI sire is your favorite? I have a couple in the tank. :hide:
  14. RD-Sam

    Stop the train

    I can rent pasture, buy quality hay and mineral, vaccines, etc., for less than a dollar a day per head. That is why I asked about the high cost of raising a heifer. I keep all of mine to build the herd, the ones that don't cut it, get used for freezer beef and I about break even.
  15. RD-Sam

    Stop the train

    How do you arrive at the $1500 figure?
  16. RD-Sam

    Baldies and freezer beef...

    The Wagyu will give you better beef quality, higher marbling, and more tenderness. The Wagyu breed is a slower growing/maturing breed, and as stated, not much in the rear quarter. They do have close to the same size ribeye and other select cuts as an angus. Just depends on what you want for...
  17. RD-Sam

    Angus sire

    We are just trying to help you out there buddy. If you are looking to use him for high quality beef, by all means go for it. But, if you are looking for exceptional females, I believe I would look somewhere else.
  18. RD-Sam

    Angus sire

    Now hold on, Doc said he was a "winner", so it must be so. :)
  19. RD-Sam

    Angus sire

    Perhaps you should buy some cattle and use the sire before recommending him? My best cow has raised the best calf every year so far, and Ambush 28 was the worst calf she had. My best cows daughter out of Foresight will likely raise one of the best calves this year as well. I think I have done...
  20. RD-Sam

    angus bull

    Predestined heifers are really nice, I have a couple and more on the way.