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    Worst Tractor you ever owned

    My worst tractor was a 410 JD backhoe. From day one was a blown O ring or hose clutch or broke frame. No power unless fuel was wide open. The older case backhoe breaks were something to be desired. My worst farm tractor was 4950 kubota. Had it 3000 hour over hauled it three times and lost...
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    Bermuda vs fescue etc

    Here in my part of the woods, if the bermuda is cut before it get tough bermuda will test much higher than fescue. Horse people buy up all bermuda. Cows get the trash.
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    Snooping around in grandpas old barn

    If you had a single hitch you use a single tree. If you have a two horse hitch or team you have two single trees and a double tree. If you have a three horse hitch you add the evener and another single tree. The evener is used with the third horse. When going to two teams one is in in front of...
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    Lbs. of seed per acre(bermuda)

    Planting bermuda (wrangler) how many lbs per acre do you sow? I have read from 6lb up to15lbs. In the past I have just planted did not know how many lbs.
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    Branding Clinic

    F S we were there behind you on the first brand. Worth the time.
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    Idiots at Texas Parks and Wildlife

    Killing deer with guns does not hurt their numbers. We're on the same page. Only thing worse than deer are the deer hunters. Will agree. Every year I tell wife will never let another hunter on the place. I cave in and let it happen again. I do tell them if they are hunting horns go to the game...
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    $45K Today/How much in Five Years

    At $45,000 it must be a M9540. You will lose $12,000 the first year, after the first year depends on hours and condition it has been kept. I was going to trade a tractor every year that is how kubota wants to do. I think the best is to run them until they have 4,000 hours or 8 plus years. Then...
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    Help on Production Cost

    It will be hard for someone from a different local. to give you facts. As for me I consider myself a grass farmer try produce every pound from grass I grow. In extrem condition I supplement with other source.
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    Pitfalls of seeded bermuda grass

    We have had good luck sewing bermuda grass. We sew in in fresh dozed land or plowed. We mix into our litter while loading the litter in the past has been moist enough for it to stick to it. Put a heavy roller on the ground after littering. We are getting too much bermuda because of the past dry...
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    what kind of fly control?

    Igr in mineral starting march 15 through Sept. 20 Mineral with igr cost .03 a day per head. Will use mineral tubs this year. Because they can be set out over the pasture to make sure they get the correct intake. Will spray for ticks and flies 2 to 4 time a year.
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    To sell or not to sell?

    I would wait until hwy are clear and buyers are at the auction. Buyer will not buy if the weather is bad where they are going and bad roads getting there.
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    calf with high break on rear leg

    Cattle will heal them selves better than with surgery. Just keep the bone streight it will heal on its own.
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    Question and opinions wanted

    A few years back bought a South Devon bull put on beafmaster mothers. The offspings were just what I thought needed for my terain. Kept 20 hefers the first year and more each year for 4 years I have none now all the problem you are having. My vet told me the same as yours has. Did get good...
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    We have had it all today,snow,hail sleet and rain with very little ice build up.
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    When I die

    Since all my folks are babtist and beleive in hell fire and brimstone, they do not like the word cremation. I tell them that is going to be my last ride is to the slab to be cooked. Ashes goes to my granddaughter to be put into the creek just north of the house with 50 gal 24D that way I will...
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    which new trator to buy

    Have 2 kubota tractors and a JD. Have a 108 hp had 3yr and the 95 hp 1yr. The 95 hp have had no problem, but have had some problems with the 108.They are light in the rear. The 95 hp will handle the loader as well as the 108 hp. The reason I have Kubotas can drive them to the dealer. The ford...
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    Tractor dealership profits?

    Our local Kubota dealer which is 3rd in the US in sales. I have bought 2 new tractor in the past 4 years and shopped on him. He clames 3% is seldom made. He said 1 to 2% is most of the time. Parts and repair is what keeps the doors open. He said make more on a bailer or farm equipment. He said...
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    Is a immature jack safe?

    Hook. spend 17.90 for a dozen snares, you will have fewer yotes, more grass and calves to sell each year.
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    Are You Qualified to be the President?

    They reproduce daily. That is a sad fact.
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    What to look at when purchasing used round balers

    The first thing to look at is the main drive sprocket. The first sprocket out of the gear box. If it is in bad shape the chain is most likley worn.(that is if it is a chain driven) Then the pockup bearing,teeth, bar that the teeth attach to see if streight, belts and bearings. Take a bar to...