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  1. Kelly

    Boarding horse in exchange for Ranch help

    I am in need of advise as to what is fair... I am boarding a horse for a girl in exchange for mainly just haltering & leading foals/weanlings (only 1 at this time), Haltering & lunging yearlings( 2 at this time), riding my mare & little odds & ends. What is a fair exchange? Her mare is on a very...
  2. Kelly

    Favorite 4 x 4 side by side

    We are looking for a 4 x 4 side by side and would like to know if anybody has a favorite? The one we looked at the other day ( Cub Cadet) was as huge as a car. I have an Artic Cat 4 wheeler now and from the day I bought it 6 years ago it has been a pain to start and keep running. I think a side...
  3. Kelly

    Urea safe for horse pastures & hay?

    We have priced fertilizer from a couple places. I am sure you all know how expensive it is. This is just mixed grass hay. ( Timothy, Orchard, Brome & ??) One place said we needed a ton of everything and priced at a fortune! This was from a soil sample a couple years back and we have spread...
  4. Kelly

    Shivering calf

    You have some good advice here....have you taken it's temperature? Given any Probiotics with the meds? I use Probiotics for any that are stressed with sickness, extreme weather, feed changes , vacinating or medicines & have always had good results. Personally I would Not deworm and vacinate now...
  5. Kelly

    I just got some really really bad news....

    Karin, I am so sorry for the loss of your dad. You and your family are in my prayers.
  6. Kelly

    worming problems

    Did you use injectable , oral or pour on? What ingredient? Have you contacted the company that made it? Make sure you have the lot number handy when you call.
  7. Kelly

    Sick cat

    Have you changed her regular food at all? We have one cat that if he has a change of food , it makes him sick.
  8. Kelly

    Idle Curiosity - How Many Horses?

    I was down to 4 in June but now I am back up to 7. One new one is a daughter of Shining Spark due to foal in April and the other new one is a Peppy San Badger grand daughter due to foal in February. The other is a Lil Ruff Peppy daughter. And also my West Coasts Kitty mare , my POA & a mini...
  9. Kelly

    horses hooves

    It is very possible for a horse to have laminitis & founder in all 4 feet. My horse has foundered in 3 of the 4 at one time.You could be dealing with laminitis that is causing the front feet to grow at a faster rate. Can you post pics of the feet? What kind of diet is the horse on? Is it on...
  10. Kelly


    I was just saying the same thing.... the weather has been changing every 5 minutes today. I don't remember ever having thunder/lightning storms continuously for that many hours in a row. 24 hours? This morning was so warm & muggy & now these strong north winds feel like winter is coming. Very...
  11. Kelly


    We couldn't get rain for anything all I feel like I should start building my Ark! All I see out there now is lakes. Oh and that darn lightning! I hate lightning with a passion. The ground was so dry all summer it looked just like the Badlands in North Dakota but at least things...
  12. Kelly

    Horse getting caught in fence

    I have heard really good things about a product called "Underwoods" I think you can google it. It prevents proudflesh I believe. You still have him on Antibiotics right? They use SMZ's a lot for wound infections that you can dissolve in their feed.
  13. Kelly

    Is it Allergies?

    Since we have moved where we live now it is like clock work every mid August all of my dogs start scratching & chewing on their feet. My vet puts them on Prednesone until it freezes enough to stop their itching. The skin gets red & eyes are red and they literally are miserable. They lose so much...
  14. Kelly

    Chevy 2500 HD gas?

    We just bought one this week. It tow's great & we are getting like 12 - 13 mpg.
  15. Kelly

    The things a horse can get hurt on, bad wound pic

    The vet hasn't looked at it at all?? Did your vet suggest a Tetnus shot? Can you cold hose it for the swelling? I personally would try Banamine for a few days because I think it seems to work better then Bute for certain things. Are the fly's staying away from the injury? If not, ask your vet...
  16. Kelly


    I'll take Kirby off your hands....& give it a try finishing him :)
  17. Kelly

    What is your average Shrink?

    It turned out to be about a 7.2% Shrink with the hot day & waiting to go through the sale with a lot of cattle in the sale.
  18. Kelly

    What is your average Shrink?

    How many pounds average do calves ( yearlings) lose due to shrink when trailered a couple hours and sent through a sale? What do you all do to prevent a big shrink loss?
  19. Kelly

    Beef Brisket

    Why is it that the Butchers do not give you the Brisket anymore? Is it something you have to ask special for now? What else do they use it for? Hamburger?
  20. Kelly

    Best quality & safest dog foods?

    Brute 23 Thanks for the post on pet foods. Wouldn't it be nice if some day we could know exactly what goes into our pet food we buy and the labels would tell us in a language that people would understand?