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    Cold again!!!

    Yeah, its been kinda cold here too.
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    Prayin for some Global warming!

    -32 Here in Nimrod,Mn. this morning! Got a feelin that things are gonna break around here today. Think it would be best to just do the have to's and dont push my luck! :bang:
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    Just keeps rainin!!!

    I actually have grass in places that I have never seen a detectable amount of grass before! Sure gettin a lot of lame cows though! GRRRR!!!!
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    I have had a GREAT calving season! All is right in my world. Thank you Jesus! Wish the best for anyone that is still waitin on that last cow or two up here in the North end of the world! :cboy:
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    Just wonderin?

    Any new answers or anymore ponderings yet? :lol:
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    A new breed for me!

    HEY THERE ALL! Thanks for the replies! Oh and thanks Lazy for the welcome back! I'll try to post pictures but I have never been able to get it to work on this forum. Talk to ya later, Pic
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    A new breed for me!

    I'm heading to Mo. this week to meet up with a Kelpie breeder, (orig. from Australia,now living in Tx.) to pick up the Kelpie pup that I bought from him. We have always had Austrailian cattle dogs(red heelers) before but our last one died last winter and it's been weird around here with out a...
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    Where have all the Texans gone?????????

    Where have all the Texans gone????????? Well I hope they havent scattered to far from home! Most of our states are just to small to support more than a few of them high and mighty, big headed ,holier than thou,only place that cowboys come from, Texans! :lol: An old Texas cowboy once told me...
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    Important things.

    Sent up a prayer for you. So sorry for your loss.
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    GRRR! When to sell?!

    I've got a dang nice pen of 6 weight steers and hefers. Prices have been crap up here especially in Motley and Perham(Mn.) I just can't make up my mind if I should just go ahead and sell or hold on to them a month or two longer. I just ain't sure about feedin them any longer and coming out any...
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    Fall in Oklahoma~

    Well that did it! I'm fer sure homesick now! I haven't been back home (Chocotah,Ok.) sence I don't remember when! Thanks for the pics and memories! :tiphat:
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    Dry Corn Gluten Feed

    Is anyone else feeding this? This is my first time feeding this and my weened calves have really put on the gain far more than I thought they would. Any do's and dont's on feeding this product? I'm paying $149.80 a ton and that seem like a reasonable price to me for the results I'm seeing...
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    Holstein Steers

    Oh Im not feeding any myself! Just clickin through the archives.
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    Wintering cattle?

    Just about the exact same here Bez. Except we calve a little sooner than you. Are you that neighbor down the road that I still aint met? :cowboy:
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    Holstein Steers

    WELL ?.. Anybody?...... Been waitin fer an answer for 5 years or so! :lol: Cant sleep again so I was just clickin through the archives. Lots of questions went unanswered back in the old days of this forum. Man has it GROWN!!
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    Meet Hazel

    I REALLY like her forarm and slope to her hip! Nice critter! :clap:
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    Bad Attitude :(

    Hey There T&B! :tiphat: You are very welcome to call me. I have a hard time explaining what I am trying to say in writing. I deal with these things on a daily basis. You can take a look at my web-site and get my phone number from there. Talk to ya later, Pic Dillman...
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    Men Obsolete?

    I hope they dont mail out a bunch of free samples! :lol: Ive already raised 6 out of 7 kids! :tiphat:
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    Just wonderin?

    I dont mind flushin at all! :lol:
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    Best dang working dog Ive ever had was a half red heeler(cattle dog) and half pitbull. There wasnt nothing that he couldnt bring out of the brush and he ALWAYS kept a good handle on him from the time he was 4 months old. Yes, he would get behind them when he got them moving out. Cant just go out...