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    Who use to write a column......

    Cattle Today use to run a column by a fellow that raised grass fed beef in East Texas (maybe Paris area?). I cannot remember his name. His columns were always very good reading. Anybody know who that was or what happened to him?
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    Feeding bred cow

    If you have a cow or cows that can not keep their condition and calve on grass, then you have the wrong kind of cows. Cows do not need anything other than grass. What I would like to know is how did cows make it before feed stores came along to provide them with all their needs.
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    Cull bloated cow?

    One of our cows bloated about a month before she was due to calve. She was on a regular pasture that all the cows were on. Vet came out could not find any cause for the bloat. He ran a tube down her and released some of the air. She recovered enough to have her calf. What I am wondering is...
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    Those Tennesseans

    I live in Tennessee and I can tell you that all those stories are true! You forgot a couple... If two tennessee football players are riding in a car who is driving? A Policeman. What has 100 arms, 100 legs and 20 teeth? A tennessee class reunion! :lol2: :lol: Roll Tide
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    Flu Shot Info

    I am amazed daily that somebody could actually think that big government is good and big business is bad. That kind of thinking is going to ruin this great country. The biggest lie I know is " We are from the government and we are here to help."
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    We have some Simmental cows in our herd(commercial). They are great mothers and have good dispositions. We just leave them alone and they raise a nice calf every year. Roll Tide
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    scour vaccines

    We have never used a scour vaccine. Didn't know we needed one. Other than good mineral, a few booster shots and nice clean pasture, we try not to spend all our money. Roll Tide
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    Color Blindness Test

    That was good! I wish my speakers would have been on the first time. I have had a couple of these type of things e-mailed to me, where do people get them? Roll Tide
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    Tennessee cattlemen

    I am in Lincoln County. Go Falcons and ROLL TIDE!
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    Purchasing A.I. Straws

    Chuckie I don't know what part of tennessee you are in, but Select Sires had a place in Springhill(between Columbia and Franklin). Also, you could contact Tennessee Cattle Association for AI schools/company reps. The Beef Agribition(Murfreesboro) usually has a number of AI reps at the trade...
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    Black Baldy Calves

    This may be a regional thing, but the name Black Baldy refers to a Hereford Angus X. Now that just about every breed is going black, anything black with a white faced is referred to as Black Baldy.
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    Black Baldy Calves

    I have Hereford cows and Simmental cows, not X. It is my understanding that not all black Simmental bulls will produce black calves when used on spotted cows.
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    Black Baldy Calves

    I Hereford & Simmental cows and I want to use a Black Simmental Bull. Any suggestions on what type to use so I will get black baldy calves?