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  1. E in PA

    Cost to board heifers

    They look good and i buy a lot of hay off him too. They are only going to be there for a few months. Also they are in a pen, not pasture so i kind of figured that should come into play as well. Use of facilities, type of deal. But i'd imagine almost all the dairy heifer operations are in a barn...
  2. E in PA

    Cost to board heifers

    I'm paying someone to basically board 4 beef heifers since he has an open pen. It makes my life easier. I'm paying $100 a month per head, they are about 4-500 lbs. This covers hay and grain. Just don't know if I'm light or heavy. What i did was calculate what it was costing me a day to feed them...
  3. E in PA

    Skin cancer or warts

    Any ideas what this is? Warts or a form of skin cancer? Getting hold of vet tomorrow, just preparing myself for the worst if necessary. On a nice 15 month old Park heifer. Thanks in advance.
  4. E in PA


    Warm the last week or so, starting to look and feel like spring. About 36 hours of bad weather starting this evening, rain then snow and cold with wind, wind and more wind. Then back to warm Friday. Planned on penning up two heavy breds this evening. First calf of the season drops this afternoon...
  5. E in PA

    Day old bull calf Angus mom and White Galloway Dad

    I am looking at this pic on an iPhone so I can't enlarge it very well, but does that second calf have a "white face"? The 1st one appears to have some color on its head the second one doesn't. But maybe it's just me.
  6. E in PA

    Silver crossbred heifers

    That silver and white one is a unique looking animal I saw something like it at auction last year and had never seen anything like it and wondered what it's cross was. It was more dairy looking like a Holstein that was silver instead of black. What's the recipe for yours? Nice looking animals no...
  7. E in PA

    Would you recommend cattle?

    Beef yes, dairy absolutely not. You would still need another source of income I believe either way.
  8. E in PA

    Pics from around the ranch

    Great pics, that cow in the last one reminds me of a deer right before it busts.
  9. E in PA

    guess the calf

    My purely uneducated guess...Simmental and brangus.
  10. E in PA

    What would you recommend to start an 8 year old boy?

    I like the nurse cow idea, it might be rough on him getting rid of his 1st cow. Bottle babies can become pets real quick. Just my opinion.
  11. E in PA

    DIY Calf Repair

    That's some good patchwork. And welcome back!
  12. E in PA

    Hoof, Nerve or Hip Issue.....Need some help

    Ship her and any of her offspring, but thats me. If you do want to try to trim them go talk to a couple of dairy farms they might know of a hoof trimmer. A guy I worked with quit to do it full time 2 years ago.
  13. E in PA

    Calving Facilities

    Very nice set up. Love the camera system. Often thought about one on cold nights when I didn't want to go to the barn. Of course you have many more of those than I do.
  14. E in PA

    Dumb and dead

    Hook, focus. I really want to see a picture of a smokey calf. :deadhorse: a picture of the mama would be a bonus. Quit slackin.
  15. E in PA

    Dumb and dead

    I am going to jump on you to hook. All I wanted was a picture or two. This thread is 5 pages and still no pics!!!
  16. E in PA

    Dumb and dead

    Hook, can you post a picture of that tiger and her calf? Good luck with the sick cow.
  17. E in PA

    cattle ownership: personal property vs. business assets

    Also don't forget mileage and a portion of your property taxes are deductible as well.
  18. E in PA


    :welcome: I agree with what the others have said. Especially buying from one or two farms. Try to keep it to just one. A couple of other things, try not to haul them from to far away, the closer the better. Feed them the same milk replacer they are already on as long as its not soy based. I...
  19. E in PA

    can anyone tell me what saline cattle are?

    I also thought about that but figured it was a reach or he was saying salers. Let us know what you find out, I'm curious now.
  20. E in PA

    can anyone tell me what saline cattle are?

    That would be my guess as well.