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  1. lithuanian farmer

    AI and Preg Checking Your Own Cattle

    Doing AI for three years now, starting the fourth season this year. Preg checking as well. Heifers from 2months, cows from 2,5-3 months pregnancy.
  2. lithuanian farmer

    Which protocol to use?

    We use synchronization for heifers. Getting on average around 70-80% conception. Day 1 PRID +Gnrh, Day 7 take PRID out + PG, AI after 56 hours + Gnrh.
  3. lithuanian farmer

    Free Martin??

    Preg check her to be sure. It will be way faster than to wait. She could have aborted her first pregnancy and be on her second or she just can't settle.
  4. lithuanian farmer

    Thoughts about this heifer

    Comfirmed incalf to charolais this time. Due in mid May. Her only bad thing is that she always has silent heat. It's been like that since she was a heifer. If she will have a bull calf this time might go for the female sexed semen
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  6. lithuanian farmer

    Calving 2024

    Got around 1750USD for her, around 1450USD for the old cow. No difference in price if it's a cow already or older than three years. It's around 3,66USD/kg carcass weight for a normal beef cow at the moment. It used to be around 4,70USD/kg a year ago.
  7. lithuanian farmer

    Calving 2024

    Hoping for better future. So far it wasn't easy, but that's how it is sometimes. Next cows due on the 22nd and 23rd. Hopefully everything goes well with them. Sold elder cow, which layed down on her calf, last week. 13 years old, 50% angus, 25% salers, 25% dairy, 1609lbs. Expected her to be abit...
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  10. lithuanian farmer

    Calving 2024

    Heart, clot, something like that for such a sudden death. No visable bleeding or something visable, which would show the cause of death. 9 years old, always been in great health. Would have never thought about such possibility. Calf was minutes away from being born and that's the saddest part.
  11. lithuanian farmer

    Calving 2024

    Calving number 11 happened yesterday. Mature cow calving, 276 days gestation, incalf to piedmontese, proven calver, never had to assist, so thought that everything will go well this time. It was going well at first. Saw first bag, moved her to the shed and left her to settle down and do her...
  12. lithuanian farmer

    Calving 2024

    With current weather everyone needs a deep cleaning at this point 😅
  13. lithuanian farmer

    Calving 2024

    Enjoying freedom. The biggest obstacle was to teach a month old bucket fed calf to nurse. It took one day without feed to convince her that we are trying to help her.
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  15. lithuanian farmer

    Replacement Heifers

    The last and the 3rd for me. But they all make a nice enough group.
  16. lithuanian farmer

    Calving 2024

    Have heard such saying that "misfortune comes in three". It sure did this time for us. After dead twins the old cow managed to lay down on her calf... That would make two misfortunes... However, there sure had to be the third one. Had a cow calving two days ago. Second calving for the cow, bluex...
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  18. lithuanian farmer

    Calving 2024

    The same. One healthy calf is all what's needed. Twins very often can be deadly to the calves and cow herself.
  19. lithuanian farmer

    Calving 2024

    It can be done with rectal palpation easily enough. You can feel calf's position well. However, the calf is constantly moving, so it can change.
  20. lithuanian farmer

    Calving 2024

    Unfortunately both were already deceased at the assistance time. The first calf's bad possition is what probably caused both calves death. It just took us too long to realize that something was wrong and cow needs help asap. Placenta was already detached as well, so she might have been in labor...