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  1. SBMF 2015

    Baby calfs issues

    This roller coaster weather has been great for respiratory problems. Do you have a way to take their temperature? Sounds like it’s time to call your vet and get an antibiotic. Have they been vaccinated for BVD, IBR, PI3, BRSV, and Pasturella?
  2. SBMF 2015

    Different mineral

    I don’t think there is such a thing as overkill in quality minerals. Buy the best mineral you can afford. For what calves are worth it’s cheap. A good quality mineral tends to fix problems producers may not be aware of.
  3. SBMF 2015

    AI and Preg Checking Your Own Cattle

    I had the beef science college students out last week. They learned how to pelvic measure and freeze brand replacement hfrs. Then I let them palpate some of my spring bred cows. Most of those cows are 8 months bred. The expression on the students faces when they grabbed a foot or a head for the...
  4. SBMF 2015

    Post a random picture

    And these fat piggies went to market. Mmmm, they are gonna taste good!
  5. SBMF 2015

    AI and Preg Checking Your Own Cattle

    I don't A.I. but I do Preg check. Not as accurate as I would like but I am as good as some vets around here. My best friend does all the A.I. but we still have someone else do our ET work.
  6. SBMF 2015

    Post a random picture

    The butcher hogs go to the locker this morning. Clean their pen out and then we can wean.
  7. SBMF 2015

    Post a random picture

    Everybody likes cuddling with their momma.
  8. SBMF 2015

    Why so popular?

    You’re not wrong. They have to be sound. This time of year my mailbox is bombarded with angus sale catalogs. I can look at hundreds of bulls on paper before I ever go see one in person. For our part of the country the place I used to manage had a pretty good size cow herd. We kept between...
  9. SBMF 2015

    Why so popular?

    I’ve seen better phenotypical bulls and worse. Some people chase a specific trait like carcass or growth. When their progeny is hanging on the rail it doesn’t really matter how pretty they were alive. Not necessarily my thing but some people get very hung up on the numbers
  10. SBMF 2015

    Why so popular?

    Who is he? What does he look like on paper?
  11. SBMF 2015

    Yearling bull fertility

    A vet I know always said if you want them to breed cows 14 months if you don’t 500lbs. 🤣 Depending on what genetic lines. I’ve seen some of the carcass type angus flunk a BSE at 14/15 months old. Fertility is not a given.
  12. SBMF 2015

    Angus Bulls of the Past Videos I Can Find

    Our running joke at the sale barn was “you just have to stand your ground “ Yealing and two year olds can usually be put back in their place. But once they figure out what they’re capable of it’s usually a lost cause. We BSE’d 27 bulls last Tuesday. The worst one was a three year old who is...
  13. SBMF 2015

    Post a random picture

    You forgot the obituaries. They still read those here on the local radio.
  14. SBMF 2015

    Cow Calf Feeding?

    Corn silage, rye/haylage, wet gluten, Purina cow balancer pellet with their mineral built in. All in a TMR ration.
  15. SBMF 2015

    Bale Spears

    I’ve got two king kutter bale spears. They’re ok. Neither one of them get used very much. One is the kind that bolts on over the bucket. It’s easy for my dad to put on and off. He moves 1 round bale about every two weeks. The other one is a 3pt spear that we sometimes use when we’re carrying...
  16. SBMF 2015

    Angus Bulls of the Past Videos I Can Find

  17. 1707487905702.jpeg


  18. SBMF 2015

    Pigs for sale?

    That’s a lot of freezer pork! My best friend still feeds a few. These are Berkshire Duroc crosses. I bet they’re gonna taste good! I haven’t seen a group of feeder pigs at a sale barn in several years. The last I heard cash hogs were $0.30/lb. That’s worse than the $0.08 hogs guys were...
  19. SBMF 2015

    Post a random picture

    Like @TCRanch said it’s a brisket bar or some people call it an A.I. bar. It does exactly what you said. It keeps the cow from going down on their front end. I use one when we freeze brand. We brand on the left ribs and it’s a lot easier if the cattle stay standing.
  20. SBMF 2015

    Mandatory EID tags for KY cattle

    This is no different than brucellosis Testing and tagging. Except it’s all animals being sold. You don’t think that the back tag that gets glued to the market cow that you sell is attached to your name and address? Of course it is. For several reasons. It’s a way to track zoonotic diseases...