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  1. K2011

    Breakfast in Texas

    lol, it's not as easy as ur making it sound :lol2:
  2. K2011

    Drought update (PIC ADDED)

    that really made me lol..we really don't have grass at all...well it kinda has a green-ish tent to it from far away but once your up on it it's just those weeds that the cows will not touch..when u rake ur foot across the ground there is just a cloud of dust and the ''grass'' that was there just...
  3. K2011

    Could your kid be this stupid??

    i heard a story on the radio the other day about a man in Australia i think is where it was and he was getting high off of gasoline and had the gasoline in an orange juice container and when the cops showed up he took off running and the cops tazed him and he burst into flames b/c of all the...
  4. K2011

    Question on calf poo....(sorry)

    does it look kinda like this? we had a 3 month old bull calf last year that had that and he got over it in about a month or less this picture is after it had already dried but
  5. K2011

    Name that X breed ???

    I thought the same thing,,,we have a simm cross cow that has nearly the same exact markings on her face too, pretty cool lol
  6. K2011

    Drought update (PIC ADDED)

    we picked up these net-wrapped bales for $45 a roll...not too bad compared to the $70 a roll for the other grass hay...and yes we are 'stocking' up now,,,he has alot to sell but many many other ppl around our area are buying it too
  7. K2011

    which do your kids have?

    I got it for my 13th B-Day,,,i'm going to be turning 16 at the end of the month, and i just looked it up and it's the 1st generation model...with the silver back...
  8. K2011

    which do your kids have?

    my I pod that im talking about is called a nano but it is like the bigger nano?, it has a screen...and is about 3inches long or so? i dont think it's all that tiny at all...not like the shuffles
  9. K2011

    which do your kids have?

    i don't have any kids lol,,im one myself,, but i have a I pod nano and really like it -- ive had it for about 3 yrs now -- my brother has the touch and he kinda likes it...but i think the I pod is easier to my opinion
  10. K2011

    Drought update (PIC ADDED)

    Well we got ALMOST an inch of rain about a week ago, but it didn't help much at all.. but here are some pics from the last week or two. looking in the pasture..i have a picture some where on my computer from 2007 when it rained a lot of this same area..**ok i found the pic from 2007...amazing...
  11. K2011

    Summer Random Pics

    Just some pics from the summer I went to a whitetail deer/wildlife leadership camp in June and had an absolute blast! This is me shooting the .243.. We got to disect a doe and turns out she had a fawn in her...and my group was the 1st ones to 'work' on the doe so we got to pull out the fawn...
  12. K2011

    Drought Pics

    I haven't seen a cow eat one in about week or maybe a little longer... thank yall very much for the info
  13. K2011

    Drought Pics

    yep. im in South East Texas...
  14. K2011

    Drought Pics

    we have not gotten any rain at all since May 24th,,,or at least that is the last time i can remember it raining...
  15. K2011

    Drought Pics

    Took some pics yesterday of the pasture,,,and we took 10 calves and one cow yesterday to auction.. this is where we normally make hay...the dirt/sandy part is where we planted oats last deer season.. new bull calf who looks exactly like his mama.. up at our other place which is much much...
  16. K2011

    It rained!

    uh O. that don't sound to good then! well I'm still not 100% sure that's them....but ill take a pic soon a post it up...i sure hope it's not that...and isn't posionous
  17. K2011

    It rained!

    are u talking about what i just posted?
  18. K2011

    It rained!

    hasn't rained here in SE texas -- we've been moving some cow/calf pairs to our other place in another county which has just a tad bit more grass -- we've had to start feeding hay now and the cows are actually starting to eat these weed things that have thorns all over them...they look kinda like...
  19. K2011


    Oh my gosh! those puppies are soooooo cute! lol
  20. K2011

    Video Game Addiction

    y'all know that last nite on Nickolodeon (spelling?) they had Video Game Awards....they had like "Most Addicting Game"....well thats the only part i saw as i was flipping threw the channels