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    Tank de-icer rusts?

    Im just south of Abilene and if the forecast is correct, I'll have been below freezing for 11 days. Definitely been a struggle.
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    Can cows eat capsicums

    I believe there is some research on capsicum in feed/mineral lowering core body temp.
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    Send the next one West. 0.18" since June 26th
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    Grazing Pastures with Johnson Grass

    Everything out here has been drought stressed since June. No fertilizer or rain. I was actually just waiting to pull them if we were to get a rain. Grass was mature, mixed in with klein grass. The draw had about a 30ft strip that was green and growing. That is where they were piled up at. Moved...
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    Grazing Pastures with Johnson Grass

    Ive never had an issue with JG until this year. Lost 14 cows in early August. Had just moved cows from a JG field to another but the new field had a draw running through it that I assume had enough moisture down there it to keep it growing. Kind of a transition area. Tests came back and that...
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    Seeking Cattle A.I. Courses Ark-la-tex area?

    Bovine elite was the course I took and it was excellent.
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    Repeater syringe

    Lol. I bought 5 bottles and they gave me 5 guns. Some stuff they don't get as many guns per case of wormer. I think they said that on normectin they get 1 gun per 4, 10 liter bottles
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    Repeater syringe

    Every time I purchase a bottle of long range they give me a gun. Check with your supplier.
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    Stockpiled pasture.

    Where do you get that burning is bad for the soil?
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    Buzzards killing mature cows

    Never had anything eat a buzzard. They lay there till the worms are done and thats all that touches them.
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    What's my next move?

    I wouldn't run the harrow over it. A good rain will cover it enough.
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    Cancer eye

    Make sure there is no blood or puss coming out otherwise you'll end up paying lonestar. If they catch it before it gets to the floor they put it back on your trailer. I know a packer that would be closer that will take bad eyes unlike LS.
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    Cancer eye

    Ice cream scoop
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    Wheat pasture grazing

    I wouldn't run bred heifers on wheat through calving. But you shouldn't have any problems with cows, we do it every year if our wheat is doing good enough. If you are worried about calving problems I'd start looking at replacing your cows.
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    breeding stock sale

    Went to the Bradley 3 Ranch bull sale yesterday and prices seemed pretty strong.
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    What variables affect the cattle market?

    Cattle inventory and slaughter reports, electronic trading.
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    ear tags suck

    Temple Tags
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    Pasture Lease

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    First year results

    I plan on sticking to the timed protocols from here on out. Maybe someday I'll have the time to watch heat, but I'd rather get them all done at once and turn a bull in. I'll keep an eye out for the new protocols, my rep hadn't mentioned anything.