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    Reclaimed mine land

    Thanks,guys. Any idea about those areas' water arrangements? Do the cattle run to the lakes left by the mining operation, or perhaps pump water from them to a waterer? Ernibigb, do you think the Kentucky sites had a perimeter fence enclosing a few thousand acres and essentially ranged inside...
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    Reclaimed mine land

    I asked this question several years ago, but perhaps more information may be available now. Does anyone here have experience converting reclaimed coal mine land to pasture? This is unfenced land growing fescue and lots of trees, many planted locust trees. I would like to hear any experiences...
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    Bully Didn't Learn

    Some smaller bullies think they score points picking on the big kid in the class. I had to deal with that as a kid, and see my grandson dealing with it now. The big kid has to watch how he handles it, or he can be taken for the aggressor. I never had to have an out and out fight as a kid. I...
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    Imbalancer potential?

    John, was that Springville?
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    Wood Feed Trough

    We are using wood troughs. Ship lapped bottoms with 2 x 6 sides and ends, all hardwood lumber off our mill. We have started using semi trailer tires as legs. Stack two and bolt them together and then bolt them to the trough. We drill drain holes in the ends of the troughs and some through...
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    I don't post here near as much as I read, but I thought this was something some might like to see. There are certainly some good folks left in this world.
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    Looking for ideas.

    The best thing I have found for pulling nails from metal I want to reuse is a set of hoof nippers with a slide hammer attached. Weld a rod with threads on one end to one handle of the nippers. Drill a hole in a piece of round stock length ways. Slide it on the rod and double nut it, and you...
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    Could have been an ugly situation

    I knew a man who inherited a piece of river bottom from an eccentric neighbor. It was his for his lifetime. After his death, it reverted back to the estate. He inherited it as a young man, and was almost 90 at his death. I am not sure how the lady's estate was kept open for so long, or...
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    Dog saves Farmer

    Twenty years ago, an angry sow got me down, and was about to do some damage. Blue, the best heeler I ever had, came right over my chest and lit into her. She backed off. I thought the world of that dog.
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    mumps outbreak

    Sterility due to mumps is pretty rare, especially in pre-pubescent boys.
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    B&B Scales on Ebay

    We bought the build your own also, last fall. Looks like it is going to work fine.
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    My Health Ordeal-Any Ideas Appreciated

    Glad to hear you are getting some answers. Migraines sure seem to have a wide variation of symptoms. My wife got migraine free in January of 2006. May 25th, a tornado hit our hometown and our sawmill building. My wife and the grandkids brought lunch to me as I was helping clean up. One of...
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    Laura Ingalls Wilder museum

    We took our girls, who were big fans, several years ago. Your husband will enjoy it too. I did.
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    My Health Ordeal-Any Ideas Appreciated

    Lovemoo11, any changes in your situation? Here's hoping you are feeling better.
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    My Health Ordeal-Any Ideas Appreciated

    LoveMoo, I am the wife of Bandsaw and he was sharing your health issues with me. I am a registered nurse. I too suffered with dizziness along with migraine headaches that would last for days. I started my road to a diagnosis with our family phys. no luck. On to ENTs, Neurologist and then...
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    My Health Ordeal-Any Ideas Appreciated

    LoveMoo, My wife had consumed diet drinks for many years also. Apparently you can develop problems with it over time. I am going to include a link to the thread where we were steered onto aspartame as a possible source of her problem and you can see how things developed...
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    My Health Ordeal-Any Ideas Appreciated

    Do you drink any diet drinks? My wife had some serious problems a few years ago, and she eliminated them by stopping the diet drinks. Don't think it takes a lot, either. My wife did not average one can a day. As little as a half stick of gum containing aspartame was enough to trigger a...
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    We took a youth group on a hayride one Halloween. My daughter fed the teenagers a line about a murder that had been committed along our route years ago, and the victim's heart nailed in a tree. We stopped AT THAT VERY SPOT ;-) and shut the truck off. Wouldn't you know, we could hear someone...
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    You were safe enough. The O2 is not explosive or flammable, contrary to myth. It will intensify combustion if applied to a fire, though. If you think I am wrong, try to light the O2 on a torch. I agree, though. A guy who needs O2 doesn't need a cigarette.
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    Neighbor Problems

    Here, unless there is an agreement otherwise, a landowner is responsible for the right hand half of a shared fence.