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    Chronic Scouring in Cows.

    Have you considered worms? What do you have them on for a deworming program?
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    Cats can come into heat fairly soon after having kittens. They will come into heat if there is a male cat around almost at any time.
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    calving season-too much bull calves

    Found this very interesting article about buffalo having a greater percentage of bull calves recently. Maybe some correlation? Maybe not? Enjoy.
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    Quietwean nose-flaps

    We have used them too, worked great, very little stress on cows and calves. Little to no bawling. Like others stated, can not leave them in too long due to irritation on the nasal septum. Only thing I dislike about them was it was hard to place them on and take them off, but then again last...
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    Deworming with Cydectin (moxidectin)

    I use the Cydectin pour on with no problems on my cows. I get their weight by the tape and go by that. I am sure I am over medicating them by a little, but never had any issues, even with the calves I have treated.
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    New Babies

    I love your adoptee calf, he looks like he will be a stuborn/fresh one! lol. Beautiful calves!
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    Sick Cat

    It sounds to me like an upper respiratory infection (URI). I would NOT give your cat Benadryl or anything of the like. I would highly recommend seeing your local veterinarian who can prescribe the proper antibiotics/medications and the correct dosage for your cat. I would be very cautious in...
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    month old calf with hair loss

    Could it be ringworm? A picture may be helpful.
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    Poll - price of hay

    East Coast (Massachusetts) 700# round bales first and second cut- $45-$60 40# Square bales first and second cut $5-$6.50 per bale
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    worming newborns

    Yes parasites can travel from the mother through the placenta into the newborns. It is very common and even if the cows do have a very minimal parasite load, the calves can still get them. I am not sure about deworming them at 24 hours old. I know in cats and dogs we do not deworm them (with an...
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    Calf from Boston, MA gets fitted with prosthetic legs?

    I am wondering the same thing too CKC? I would not want to spend that kind of money and have this poor calf in pain for weeks, months or even the rest of its life. I love my animals to death and they are spoiled rotten, including my cows, but even if I had that kind of money there really comes a...
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    Calf from Boston, MA gets fitted with prosthetic legs?

    Found this rather interesting, what are your takes on this?
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    Dog Mange

    This person is here for help, not to be criticized. Yes you should go to the vet to have them do a skin scrapping to diagnose the type of mange mite that your dog has. There are normally 2 types and both can easily be treated. That way there he/she can treat them with the correct medications...
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    Vaccine expiration dates?

    I am not one to use expired vaccines at all. I wouldnt risk the chance if its only a couple vaccines. I would rather buy new ones and use those. I would imagine that using a modified live or live vaccine expired would be worse than using a killed vaccine. But to be safe I would not use it. JMO
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    What kind of Syringe should I buy?

    I also have 5cc, 10cc & 20cc luer lock syringes on hand in those cases. Its not often I need them, but I have them so I do not have to stick em more than once.
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    What kind of Syringe should I buy?

    I prefer the luer lock syringes for any injection. They work better than the ones where the needle just attaches to the hub. Also I like to use the smaller 3cc/mL syringes for injecting vaccines, B-vits, etc. I also prefer to use the needles that are 1 1/2inches over the 1inch needle length. JMO
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    Help, Sick cow

    A small amount of yellow nasal discharge for a few days would not bother me, but if it continues there may be something more going on. I have seen a few cows/steers that have had nasal discharge like this for a few days, and they have had dental problems (abscess, tooth root problems, food...
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    Cost per cow per year

    yea that sounds about right. Best of luck to you! :D
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    Cost per cow per year

    This is also with the cow on good quality grass most of the year, and we own the property. So those expenses are not counted for. This does not include if any health problems arise. (i.e. C-Section, mastitis, etc.)