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    Disposition ad fertility in bulls

    I recently had a related issue here with bulls. I've been straight Hereford but wanted to try another breed bull on my docile, older Hereford cow group to see if heterosis was worth trying. Until recently I had another breed bull who sired F1 calves that were the best calves I've ever had...
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    Making hay also helps in managing pastures. Grass growth never quite matches herd needs. Either too much or too little grass. Bale it and put it in a hay shed or hire it inline wrapped when too much grass. Feed it in a sacrifice area when not enough grass rather than destroying pastures. I...
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    Culling cow heard

    I am building my herd numbers up internally by retaining all heifers for now. The only way I cull any cow or heifer is if she is open. Even then I want to see a blood test confirmation on ones that my vet calls as open or can not determine at preg check time in the fall. After I get to my...
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    How much hay should a cow eat in a day?

    A cow will eat between 2.5% and 3% of her weight in hay (dry matter basis) per day.
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    Beef at Farmers Market

    Thanks for posting your price list. Are those prices in US or Canadian dollars. Seems to be about a 35 cent difference in exchange rate. This would put your $5.50 ground beef at $4.08 US dollars which seems low. BTW to sell by the cut or wholesale, in addition to being slaughtered and processed...
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    Cost of keeping a cow

    A few years ago both Iowa State and the U of MN had numbers of around $500-550/yr to keep a cow I think currently that would have to be 600-700. I use $650. for the cow plus 50% of that to get a spring calf to January. So $975 is my breakeven on a calf sold in January though I don't really sell...
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    Hereford Question

    Thank you. However I starting to remember why I haven't posted here in a long time. I feel this board and others are far more interesting and useful when we discuss ideas rather than people. I can understand when someone prefers a different type of cattle. There are many different...
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    Hereford Question

    You are sure in a warm, generous mood today... I currently have 21 calves from this bull and they are outstanding. I've retained almost every heifer from my previous Huth bulls with some excellent results. Even good luck keeping a couple bulls for my own use from Huth bulls and my best cows...
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    Hereford Question

    I have had good luck with pasture type Herefords from Jerry Huth at Huth Polled Herefords in Wisconsin. He raises them for the pasture, not the show ring.
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    AHA EPD Accuracy

    I have found the same thing: the AHA EPD's on my Huth bull seem to reflect his calves very closely. Especially his CED calving ease. Calves about fell out of the back of my cows this past spring. Lighter birth weights even out of my larger cows but seem to be gaining well. Older bull calves...
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    Purchased my first yearling Hereford Bull in 10 years

    I'm curious about the Titan 23D influence. Titan 23D calved in 1972. How can you look at the AHA website to see if he is in a particular bull's pedigree? Looking back through just the the topside of my current (Huth Z072) bull's pedigree, he goes back to Felton's then the Line one/Prospector in...
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    Well that wasn't going to happen today

    I found that backing the trailer up to the loading ramp a couple days early and leaving it helps. They get used to it being there.
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    Predicting the future

    I respectfully disagree. I think the economists are a bit wiser now. Conditions are completely different than the 70's. Everyone has too much at stake to let either inflation or interest rates get way out of control. Folks selling gold want everyone to run scared.... short form answer to a...
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    when to fertilize for hay

    I've read some Wisconsin publications that say the best time to fertilize hay ground is in early June. The logic as I recall is that you will get the first flush of grass in May anyway, apply the N for a second and later cuttings. Early June you are still likely to get a rain to wash it in. P...
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    Predicting the future

    US retail beef prices are still very modest by world standards. The US cattle herd is still very low and not going to change very quickly. It can't. World population is increasing and becoming wealthier and they want beef. Most people are not looking at chicken or pork as a direct substitute...
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    Luckiest Girl- Bull Attack

    Even the gentlest cow can get dangerously protective of her calf right after calving. Some folks try to tag or band calves right after they are born an d wonder why the cow is charging them. As calving season approaches in the north I urge folks to be careful. In my opinion there is nothing...
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    Can These Prices Hold??

    To the OP: do it on your cash flow, not someone elses. It's slow but you sleep better at night. Jim
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    For You That Worship at the EPD Altar!

    Like most computerized data, EPD's are "garbage in = garbage out". They are only as valid and useful as the data which is entered. I think you need to know the breeder as well as the numbers. I happen to like the AHA EPDs on Jerry Huth's Hereford bulls. Jerry is into data. Here are the EPDs...
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    Heavy Bred Prices

    Commercial $1500-1600 range, registered $1800-2000 range. Depending on quality, teeth etc. Jim
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    Which is your top pick? Round Two

    No one in this thread so far has mentioned EPDs. On top of each of the bull photos is a link to CHA data and on that page a link to an EPD Graph. The EPD graphs give a different picture of a bull than just the photo. Wouldn't it be a good idea to use the EPD information in addition to the...