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    Anyone know or use the bull Herf

    Ive also talked to Mrs. Fullerton a few months ago, trying to locate a polled Hereford bull at least 18 months old for a friend. She had one left at that time. About everyone was sold out. The Stewart bull consistently sires competitive sons at the OBI test.
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    Horned Hereford Assn.

    Mark Domino 8020 might work well on those. Or that Dark Prince bull Hambley posted the other day.
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    Milking Herefords

    Hill Creek, I can't wait until Camp and Caustic see what you've said about Vindicator. Jim Reed recommended Vindicator to me personally as a bull to keep daughters out of. I daresay he knows if there is a prolapse problem, and I can't see him advising me to use Vindicator if there was one. He...
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    Range cow behaviour question

    I disagree. Every cow that I have will allow me to weigh and handle her newborn calf, but you ought to see the boss cow blow her nose on a fleeing dog. The ironic part of this thread is that the cow is a Hereford, the classic model of docility. It goes to show that you can get a nutcase in every...
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    Unpolished Turds (pics)

    Of course there is no way the guy doing it could be you. ;-)
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    Star Lake Hereford sale

    Would you agree to add swaybacked to that list?
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    Milking Herefords

    Been awhile since I looked at his EPD, but what about Mr. Mom from Shaw Cattle Co?
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    Favorite Hereford Bloodline

    We've discussed this at length in times past, but here goes. I've a blend of Victor and Hazlett/Turner Ranch, with some polled Lamplighter/Anxiety thrown in several generations back. My calf crop this year has HVH and Feltons thrown into the mix. BT CL Domino 15G and 445M are both pretty...
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    Is it totaled?

    Got a call from the insurance today, they did total it. It is a 98 with 164000 miles. A policeman clocked her going 65 just moments before she hit me, he also said she never hit her brakes. I'm not for sure if all that is correct or not, some of that information went through several people...
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    Is it totaled?

    Do you think this is totaled or not. They are saying the lady who hit me was going about 65, and she never braked. I guess they said my two driver side wheels when off the ground about 3 feet and came back down. We will find out tomorrow hopefully if it is totaled or not. What do you think...
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    Milking Herefords

    I've got a MM 6 that milks just as well as a MM 21, and they both had more than enough for their calves.
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    Bull Photos

    Thanks. How do you think the old 641 bull stacks up to this youngster?
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    Hanging Weight vs. What You Take Home

    I've never heard of only a 5 pound loss from hanging to package weight. Jeanne is right. My first butcher told me it was next to impossible to beat a 30% loss. He only hung them for a week, and I changed butchers. The one I use now hangs them for 14-18 days, and charges 11 cents less per pound...
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    Should a Judge have to be certified?

    I agree with a great deal of what Ollie has said. I can't help but remember that it was show judges that set the fads that nearly destroyed several of our breeds swinging from one extreme to the other.
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    Unpolished Turds (pics)

    Texan, they look like pretty good bulls to me. I'd like to take the head of the first one and put it on the body of the second one, as in my mind the second bull is the best total package, but what do I know? Good long-bodied calves. If I was in the commercial cross-bred business, I'd be proud...
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    Milking Herefords

    Yep, you are right. The old Co-op manager used to tell me that Horned herfs milked better than polled, but both have done well for me. I have found the milk EPDs to be absolutely worthless in my case.
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    mnmt Bull pic #1

    He's plenty big enough for a 15 month old bull.
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    Milking Herefords

    P606 YW used to be around 100.
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    Bull Photos

    As good a bull as I've seen in some time. Hill Creek, it's Jim Lentz, and yes his bulls do look like that. Jerry, do you have any Day Hereford photos? I'd love for you to post them if so. A -.5 EPD is not far from breed average. That is a half a point. Doesn't scare me at all. Most of my...
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    TO mnmt:Bull Pic for your challenge--where's yours?

    She calved not long after the pic, a very nice heifer (IMO) Getting ready to develop pics hopefully. Her fourth calf. She's a very gentle cow. Her heifer calf from last year was purchased by Flying G Ranch, with a 205 weight of 639# without creep. She could stand a stronger topline.