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    Lifestyle return

    M5 had it right You should have to take a test before you're allowed to answer questions
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    East Texas Cattle Head per acre

    Should be easy enough to look and see what shape the grass is in It don't matter what everyone else's place does. The only thing that matters is what yours can do
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    Dallas - Jason Witten

    I have seen it called as well it's just that it's NOT called more times that not. I've seen the offensive face mask penalty called more often than the straight arm. Another pet peeve is the over calling of the hands to the head of the QB when so often it's merely a brush by with no intent to...
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    Dallas - Jason Witten

    I see it every game. Maybe so but it's illegal and saw it flagged just the other day
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    Dallas - Jason Witten

    They played dirty the whole game. Suh is just more flagrant and scrutinized, but they're are a dirty defense. With that said you have to let them play the game. There has to be some contact after 5 yds when both the reciever and DB are running full speed down the field and looking back for the...
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    Dallas - Jason Witten

    Siff arm to the face or head is now illegal
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    Dallas - Jason Witten

    There is no place in sports or in the world for guys like Suh, Albert Bell, Lawrence Taylor, Aaron Hernandez and the list goes on
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    Dallas - Jason Witten

    It's all for nothing Rogers will torch the Dallas secondary
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    Dallas - Jason Witten

    Ok your right and I'm wrong
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    Dallas - Jason Witten

    Again the receiver has no more right to the ball than the DB Can a DB run through a receiver to intercept the ball ? Neither can the receiver stop his route and go through a DB to catch the ball
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    Dallas - Jason Witten

    The reciever stoped his route in order to go back for the ball causing the DB to run into him The DB raised his hands in show that he wasn't interfering with the reciever It's no different than a DB stopping or impeding the route of a reviver Switch the players and the DB had of stopped and...
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    Dallas - Jason Witten

    Can a DB impede the route of a reciever ? Was there grabbing, holding or hand fighting ? Learn the rules
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    Dallas - Jason Witten

    How is it ruled when a reciever stops his route and the DB inadvertently runs into the reciver because the ball was under thrown and the reciever is going back to the ball ? I'm not even a Dallas fan but come on
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    Alan's post

    And something Bez said, then I saw this post on FB. This is supposed to be small town rural American kids that still have morals and values instilled in them, but that is deteriorating just like in the city. Used to be people held themselves and others to a higher standard. Now days nothing is...
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    ~pull up a chair... and come on in~

    I like pancakes with syrup and bacon
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    Limit down

    It's recovered fairly well the last couple days If a guy was in the know he could do well, but being on the outside looking in you could get skinned
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    Company Christmas Party

    Where I work that is a huge No No and can affect your employment status If were the boss he wouldn't be the boss Monday morning
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    .I didn't want to hijack the vac-45 thread The public has no clue. Any propaganda they hear from Chipotle and the like they take as gospel truth. I had a 50 year old man tell me he spent 90 bucks on " hormone free" steaks for thanksgiving dinner Another lady mentioned in conversation that she...
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    Vac 45 plus or minus

    Another option would be marketing them yourself. The cattle range or even superiors country page is a good way to get get them seen If you have the numbers for a pot then video auction would be another
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    Bez Caustic Dun

    Thank you all three I see in your post how much more wise yall are than most my age. I don't feel the knowledge was gained in the last 20-25 years but was there long ago. It's the thought process and how the mind works. It's the practical thought process, the clear lines and no gray area's...