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    A Plus Angus

    Thank you Jake. Angus is what I am after. ;-)
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    Checking cattle/vacation

    No that I can agree with the others on, Vacation ???? what is that ?. My idea of a vacation is when I get to the place and hang out with the cattle. I am afraid too much work over the past few months. Good to see everyone on the boards again. Thanx asking
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    Checking cattle/vacation

    Boy I must be an outlier. Sometimes I get to the place everyday other times it may be two weeks. Hung a cowbell from my bumber, when I come in the gate the cows beat me to the pens hoping for cake. Still new to the game but have not had any serious issues as of yet. You would think the two...
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    A Plus Angus

    Embryo"s ??? I have been looking for some embryo's. Is there anyone that sells them on the web like the semen guys ?
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    how can I tell when thier pregnant?

    I chased this one for a while, getting the sample was not a problem, tester on the end of a broom handle. Problem is tests look for HCG or human chorion gonadatropin, key word being human. I here they can check Progesterin levels in the milk though. vivkie the vet could weigh in on this one.
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    La4angus calf pictures

    My monitor is not so good anymore, but I would be willing to bet a spoonbill rosetta. L4 must be close to the gulf or the hurricanes have pushed the birds inland.
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    ET again

    Common wisdon states indefinately but I am certain there is a point that there would be changes due to dessication unless the embryo is stored at absolute zero. At the present time the FDA/AATB limits tissue for implantation into humans to a shelve life of 5 years unless viability of a longer...
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    Business Plan

    Silly question time ! In the mortgage cell there is a number of 80,000. Is this the amount for one year or is this the total for 7 years? Thank you for the spreadsheet. I really appreciate it.
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    Business Plan

    I hate being last and I am certani you are tired of e-mailing, but if you find some extra energy I would really appreciate a copy ! [email protected] :oops:
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    missing calf

    Glad she showed up ! I know how frustrating it is to loose one. :D
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    Inappropriate comments

    Point of interest ! One of the replies above has a hot link in it. A While back my browser got hijacked and it would automatically place hot links in my text when I would press send. I apologize for this it took me a few weeks to figure out what was going on and then another week to fix the...
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    I have three cows and no food.

    If you have six acres put them out on in (If there is fence) and buy a round bail of hay until you can get them to a better pasture (Lay off the beer, caution tape and extra goodies to pay for it) or sale barn. Look around one of the local ranchers may let you move them onto his place until...
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    See there ! You learn something everyday. I had no idea squirrels could fly. :lol:
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    missing calf

    Cut me a good deal and I will get the boys and come get her off your hands ! I am a sucker for a challenge.
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    Embryo's and Semen

    Thank you to everyone for your information. I have found many contacts from your guidance that Will be tremendously helpful. Gravlee: Thanks for the great site ! :D
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    Ellie May or Vicky the Vet

    Vickie the Vet: Thank you for that response. As someone just reading responses I found this to be an incredibly valuable piece of information for future information. I do not know why I did not think of alternate routes of induction. Thanks ;-)
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    How does sending cattle to a feedlot work?

    Seems like a common issue. The Ranch to Rail program seems restricted from my attempted contacts. Maybe we could pool together a pen from interested parties here in South Central Texas. Any takers?
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    Cattle 12 12 ????

    Purina has a 12 12 mix. Most feed stores should have it.
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    Embryo's and Semen

    How do you locate your embryo's and semen ?
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    Tracing cattle through slaughter

    Thanx Texan, Looks like a tall order to fill.