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    Humm my kinda :cboy:
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    It's Official!

    Ah the perks are of course, great pain meds. And I can call others to do my work for me for a few days without feeling too
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    It's Official!

    I am officially a klutz, I cannot deny it any longer. My friends and family have become amazed at the fact that I get hurt all the time........every spring like clockwork, I find away to get seriously hurt in one way or the other....................but this year I decided to get a good head...
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    what was the best moments of college with friends

    I was a commuter student, so I know I missed out on a lot while driving back and forth every day, plus working in a hospital on the way home, BUT, I can remember the time my friends there found out I was ummmmm how to say, rather inexperienced in the art of love, and well, to put it nicely, but...
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    Black Vultures

    While we can discuss this all here on the boards, just remember why we have so many of both the vultures and the yotes, it's the tree hugging bleeding hearts that think the food they eat is made in some factory in China or something.......Just be carefull about who and what you share with...
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    What ever it be, might want to take the effort and nip it in the bud....could go away, could get alot worse, till you start loosing some smaller animals.
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    Trimming horns

    Seen folks trim or remove larger horns all diffeent ways. Banding works, but very good chance you will loose band before it kills the horn. Twisting wire around the base of the horn seems to work a bit better. Guilitine shears work good, cept ya gotta stop the blood, or should try anyways. We...
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    Feeding whole sunflower seeds.

    Ok folks, here is a new one for ya....................... I plant about 22 acres of dent corn every year, but this year I have agreed to side plant some heirloom greasy beans on contract for a large seed mail order company. The beans will use my field corn as a trellis, so, I plant, they...
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    Calves and Calving

    Main thing is this, as some of us have found out the hard way over the years, Never trust a cow to calve when you think she SHOULD.......if weather is of ANY concern, seperate that cow into a dry stall away from the weather for her to do her thing, and you also have greater control over things...
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    IF You had to buy a new Tractor....

    Things I look at are this...local dealer support, and not just one or two around. (AVAILABLITY OF PARTS IN THE FUTURE) Resale value, even though you may plan on keeping it till it dies or you do, things happen that some time force us to sell or trade.............. Engine, get a good common type...
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    MF 1040, Need good parts supplier.

    Thanks guys........I will keep all that info for future needs, but I threw my hands up the other day when I started taking things aparts and all the little bearings came running out over the ground, so I sent it off to the repair shop, figured this one time, I would let myself pay the high bill...
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    The Aussie Thread

    Yeppers, did the Port Arthur thing to with the wife on one of our honeymoons.... took the ghost walking tour of the prison grounds after dark...........and then over to the convict cemetery island...........was interesting to say the very least. We enjoyed the walk around Dove Lake , but kinda...
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    MF 1040, Need good parts supplier.

    Seems that one of my smaller tractors is of a limited production time, and the numbers manufactured were rather small, thus making parts much harder to find then your standard Massey items. I have a MF 1040 4X4 and am having a few minor problems with the right front hub assy. I am needing a few...
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    Dead calf

    I can feel for you, exact same thing happened to me just a couple of weeks ago. I checked her just before dark as I was feeding, and no signs of impending birth (doom) the next morning after a very cold and windy night with snow a blowing ten different ways, I found a frozen female 77lb calf on...
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    Cow acting strange

    If this is new behavor, it might be a sign of pending sickness, or calving if it might be possible that she is further along then you might think? :cboy:
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    what breed of cow is this and can anyone identify the owner?

    One can get truly lost in that 'hole'! :lol: :cboy:
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    The Aussie Thread

    Any of ya'll taken time to visit Dove Lake and area around Northern Tazzie? beautiful aint it? ;-) :cboy:
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    What I/We did For New Years

    Crowder is a man after my own heart...slept until the neighbors started shooting guns and fireworks off for about 45 minutes.............First thing I had to do in the morning was to go count cattle, look for bullet holes, and pick up wayward rockets etc from the pasture...No...
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    Build your Vocabulary & Feed the World

    I got 40 grains of rice.think thats enough to feed some one for a week? :cboy:
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    Gonna go on the welfare like my neighbors........

    Oh Lordy, Lordy..What did I start? :o :o :o :o