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    Hillary/KFC Special

    Don't know if this Marlin Fish guy knows what a posse is but he noot gone to be long in finding out. We got a location on him and now about to figger out where in them Missuri rocks he hiding out. He not gonna be long on here overloading his hummingbird mouth. The boy talks to much for his on good.
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    Beet Pulp??

    Yup. He sure is small for his age. Sell him and buy a younger calf that you can show next year. If you are going to show an animal, show something that you can be proud of, not something that will make you the laughing stock of any show that you are showing at. Several on this board has much...
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    Beet Pulp??

    The bull needs more than beet pulp.
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    Beet Pulp??

    Son, You have to have it wet to swell. If it is already wet going in it has already done it's swelling and won't swell anymore. Fed dry it will get wet in the animals gut and swell up.
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    Beet Pulp??

    Take that little ole bull to the sale barn and sell him, before he breeds someone's cows and you get sued.
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    Dam'n good thing.
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    property tax

    Medic24, you haven't been involved in this conversation so call your truce with your wife. If 9ER wants to make trouble he might ought to go to another board to do it. This is a board for Cattlemen and Cattlemens discussions.
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    Old Time Herefords..... Just for Camp

    TSB or tapeworm, which is it. Are either of these your real name that your parents give you, beings you don't hide behind a fake name. Always thought you were a little odd. Some people will make 20 to 30 posts in a day saying nothing to make the goo roo status. Must be pretty important to them.
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    Bull Prices Fall 2004

    Bull Prices are much cheaper in Canada and much higher in the United States in 2004 than they were 2 yrs ago. If it will help you, the topic is Bull Prices Fall 2004 _________________
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    What's to figure out? Each probaly got their personal reasons. Some to make you ask questions.
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    How much ear?

    More the exception than the rule.
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    Another good point about getting older

    Well Suprise, Suprise. We don't have to wonder anymore.
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    Best Western movie??

    I wonder why. :D :D
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    We Have Another!!

    I do believe Cherokee and Bruno has something going they aren't telling us about. :lol: Come on, tell us the truth. We won't tell anyone. :lol: :lol:
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    Why. We are trying to clean up IRAQ of its crud
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    How to avoid getting the flu

    The fruits and vegetables are in Ca., most of us have no reason to go there. As far as the other I haven't had the flu in yrs.
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    Subject: Carnival Cruise Lines Opportunity

    You mean the Fat Lady aint gonna sing.
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    Andy Rooney's tips for telemarketers

    They should't do that. It's rude on their part. You should call their supervisor and report the non-telemarketer.
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    eggs over easy

    He mighta been out partying the night before and didn't need the gas. I've seen it happen.
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    why didn't I think of this?

    I know people that say my brain refuses to work under any circumstances.