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    Your cows are out!

    I had a lease of 40 acres about 20 miles from the home place. I ran longhorns on it for the summer, well the fence was old but holding my cattle until the jerk next door bulldozed the fence and let my cattle lose into 100 acres of woods leading in to a housing lot with milliopn dollar homes...
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    The haircut?

    Good One
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    what breed to cross longhorns with for best replacement

    I raise Longhorns, and I cross with Angus and Black baldys. My best calves are the blackbaldy / LH cross. no horns and great beefy bodys. Longhorn bull on first year heifers and never lost a cow or calf yet. :cboy:
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    First Deer

    We need to get more kids out in the woods hunting. I started at 10 and lost count on the number of deer over the years.
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    Emily's 7x7

    One to be proud of. :clap: :tiphat:
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    Krispy Kreme

    That IS Just "WRONG" :help: :cry:
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    Case vs Buck

    The founder of Buck Knives was my uncles brother, an I still can't get a free buck knife. I have a good buck knife, hard to sharpen but holds an edge well. :cboy:
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    Soring a horse....

    I owned a TWH an he was to best horse ( and friend ) I have ever had. I refused to trim and shoe some TWH that came in with chains around their ankles, when i was going to Oklahoma Farriers College. I would not be a part of the pain. :cboy:
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    Why I carry a gun....

    I am licenced to carry in 30 states. I carry when I travel for work and at home. I have had intruders in my home on more than one ocassion and have yet had to shoot any one, just the gun being there is cause for them to rethink the want to be there. :cboy:
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    Bad batch of bands ???

    batch of bands I used this spring must of gone bad. :oops: I have 4 out of 16 calves I banded that have a bag and one that is showing bull temper and wanted to kill me on saterday. I would have shoot him if I had my gun at the time. Now I have to round up all of them and check for balls in...
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    Hunters Safety Class

    I'm a instructor for Washington state Fish and wildlife, We use Savage .223 rifles for range day. We found some of the smaller kids got stomped by the 20ga. single shots we were using. the rifles seem to work better for us. we are required to give 10 hrs. of class time plus a range day. been...
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    Hey, Rustler9 ???

    Thanks, Rustler9. I knew you were the right person to ask. I have high hopes for this bull. I will be getting some heifers soon. looking forward to the calf crop next year, I have a market to sell roping steers also so I will be breeding him to some mexican longhorns too. :cboy:
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    Hey, Rustler9 ???

    I'm told his bloodline go's heavy on Butler lines. out of Dickinson Cattle Company. Sire: Victory lap by Winchester Dam: Full moon fever He go's back to some twisty horned cows and 70" T 2 T bulls. Daddy is 68.13 T 2 T
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    Hey, Rustler9 ???

    Hey, Quick question. I just bought a 20 month Reg. Texas longhorn bull. He measured 48.5 Tip 2 Tip. They said this is very good for his age is this true?? I know you are very knowlegeable on these things. I am just starting to raise horns agin. I had older stock and did not measure back when...
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    What's your Breed ?

    I'm just getting in Texas Longhorns again. Had a heart attack 3 years ago, sold out. Now I just bought a reg. bull and will pick up 10-15 heifers this week. looking foward to some "FUN".
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    High speed chase

    Dude, That's slick. :lol: :cboy:
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    Cow down

    Hi, I have a holtein nurse cow that laid down and can't get up. She looks and acts fine , (eats good , bright eyes and attitude.) but she can't get up. Vet said it could be milk fever but probly not, another said it is probly a mineral thing. I have only had her about 2 months, so I don't know...
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    :shock: :shock: :shock: :cowboy:
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    No, no real moisture. Just barely damp to the touch. They do seem to eat a lot of it.
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    Thanks I will go Real Slow.