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    Old diesel fuel

    This right here would be the ticket. Thros some additive in there with it for piece of mind
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    Mid size vs full size gator

    What did you guys end up buying?
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    Mid size vs full size gator

    I was all set to go with a 835e. Don’t need the power dump or fancy wheels, but was told by numerous people the power steering would be a must. You ever regret not having the power steering?
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    Mid size vs full size gator

    I’m a Deere guy, not to the point of being completely against anything else as I had originally decided on a mule, but the 0% that Deere is offering is hard to beat in my books. Having the option to stay cash heavy, or invest that same money in the market assuming an 8% gain you’ve paid for the...
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    Mid size vs full size gator

    Decided on buying a new gator. Went back and forth on some different brands but I’m very happy with my dealer support and jd is running 0% for 48 months right now. Trying to decide between a 590m and a 835m. The price difference is about 5500. Want to go with the 590 to save a little money but...
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    Dewalt Fence Stapler

    I bought one of the dewalts when the first came out. It’s been well worth the money in my opinion. On some hard wooded post and or trees it won’t drive a staple all the way home. But even in that scenario you can run a good line of them most the way in them come back and send them all the way...
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    Drilling sudex

    Thanks for all the great reply’s! I’ll be doing some digging into the dynagraze next year. Hope my first run with ss goes well have a couple smaller fields I’d like to get some extra tonnage off next year. Do any of y’all plant anything behind the ss in the fall? Would coming behind it with a...
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    Drilling sudex

    But by drilling it into the good kill I’ve got the sorghum sudan should grow fast enough to not be choked out by any remaining sod correct?
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    Drilling sudex

    I’ve got a hay field I killed down with round up about 10 days ago. Got a good kill on it. Getting a drill tomorrow to get some sorghum sudan in the ground. Was really wanting to get the disc ran through the field before drilling but I’m getting pretty pressed for time. Will I be ok to just...
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    Impeller/flail vs roller conditioner

    Borrowed a 630 jd moco over the weekend to cut some hay. I’m 100% sold on it after cutting 100 acres. I plan on getting rid of my side arm and purchasing a moco. My question is has anyone used a impeller/flail type conditioner with success in a sorghum-sudan field? I know a roller would probably...
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    Whole lot of white!

    Was really wanting to add some birthweight with this bull and he seems to have done the job
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    Whole lot of white!

    The most colorful calf that’s been born on the farm in my 29 years was born yesterday. Was really surprised to see all the white on this little calve. It’s mother is a commercial angus cow that was in the herd when I bought out my grandad. The sire is a white face homo black simangus son out of...
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    HO Cummins & Aisin

    Picked up a 2020 3500 Cummins with the HO & aisin tranny at the end of the year while they were running employee pricing. I had been going back and forth all year on buying a Ram and I’m so glad I decided to pull the trigger. Finally got some loads behind it this week, hauling 14 5x6’s at a time...
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    Kubota M9540HD buying advice

    We have a9540 around that same year. Bought it new. Been an absolutely stellar tractor. Has 3700 hours on it now. Never had the first mechanical problem out of it. AC issues are the only gripe I’ve had with it. We’ve put 3 compressors in the last 5 years and 1 condenser. We bought a new tractor...
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    Bulk feed bins

    I’m wanting to throw up a bulk feed bin at the house. Been looking at traditional metal bin sheet hopper bins and poly bins. Has anybody had any experiences with the poly bins? And advantages over a metal one?
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    Quality Flatbed trailer brands?

    I bought a cornpro at the beginning of spring. 25+5 with 12k lb axles. I’ve been very pleased. I like the kaufman trailers as well. Local guy 5 minutes up the road sells corn pro and has done business with my grandfather for years. Would have bought a kaufman if not for that. Can’t go wrong with...
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    Kubota M9540 with 1340 loader

    We bought a 9540 new in probably 08. Up until this year when we bought a new jd 5125r the kubota was the workhorse. It ran a 9’9” disc mower, and ran the roller it’s whole life. I bought a 567 Deere year before last and it handled it very well. Never had the first issue out of it besides the...
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    Wanting to plant some winter pasture

    This is exactly what i am gunning for. I really want to end my hay feeding time earlier in the year, even if its just by a few weeks starting out. Very encouraging to hear what you've got working for you! In your experience des your rye mixture take to growing quicker in the spring than fescue?
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    Wanting to plant some winter pasture

    Getting an early march stand to shorten my hay feeding on the back end is exactly what im hoping for. Do you feel like your ryegrass was a significantly better stand then jut the fescue and clover would have been in the early march time frame?