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    5 L Red Angus Auction

    Does anyone have any results for this sale?
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    Angus Pride 2007

    100 head of Purebred red and black angus sell on December 11.
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    Lindskov-Thiel Sale

    Detailed sale results ... port93.txt
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    5L Norseman King 2291L

    I am wondering how many US breeders were considering Norsman King this spring now that ABS is distributing him?? ... o=29AR0218
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    In Trouble Red angus on the way

    I think he is referring to Red Brylor New Trend 22D who is Basin Trend Setter's sire.
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    Palgrove Charolais Sale

    Sounds like they had a strong sale.
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    History in the Making Red Angus Sale+

    Just wondering if any one was planning on attending this sale?
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    Opinions Please

    I believe that is LT Bluegrass. I have heard that the Assertion bloodline is a little short on testicle. Here is a new picture of the bull. ... 47&lang=EN
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    Polled Herford AI Bulls - Opinions?

    Here is a link to a semen catalogue.
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    Shorthorn Bull ,Show bull or breeding bull?

    Here is a link to the Canadian Shorthorn Association. I think Horseshoe Creek has a few herdsires that would fall into the more traditional shorthorn category.
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    New Red Angus Herdsire!!!

    Which bull of Larry's was this?
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    What A.I. Red Angus Bull for 06

    I am unsure of the IMF scores. They are somewhere in that 5.5 - 6 range for frame.
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    What A.I. Red Angus Bull for 06

    From what I remember hearing from Dave their ribeyes were around 15 or 16" with LMY in the high 60s. Top bull sold for over fifteen thousand. The sons at Chickadee had large scrotals with semen tests in the 90s pretty much across the board. SSS Catalogue...
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    5L Red Angus Sale Results

    Sounds like they had great sale. Does anyone know who is included in the syndicate? 5L RED ANGUS Breeding for Balance Annual Production Sale March 14, 2006 - Sheridan, MT Auctioneer: Roger Jacobs "All the depth, muscle, power, and quality a...
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    Just curious which bull other people would pick and why?
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    Black and Red Chars.

    Here is a link to a bull sale with a large selection of red genetics. In my opinion the red bulls have been outselling the white bulls for quite some time. The quality of the reds in general is not as good as the whites. But people want the buckskin calves cause they sell better than the...
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    Red Angus Mile High Sale

    I was trying to look at the sale catalogue and I could not open it on Any breeders know of any other sites that will have the catalogue?
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    Agribition Angus Sale

    Here are the full sale results ... ussale.pdf This link is the sale catalogue ... asterpiece
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    Canadian Western Agribition

    Are you exhibiting or just going check things out? Any events that you plan on or want to attend?
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    Canadian Western Agribition

    Just curious if any board members are planning on attending CWA this year?