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    Land price shock

    $5k/acre won't buy much around here.
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    Snake identification

    Being condescending is the most common way smart&*^% identify themselves. If you don't believe me, read about 75% of your posts, under either of your 10 various user names. A Professional Herpetologist in addition to everything else you are an expert on? Who needs Wikipedia, we have you!
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    Replies not posted

    there is a "post reply" button in the bottom left that i sometimes accidentally click on from my phone, instead of "submit".
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    Stock market

    i guarantee a sell off if it looks like Trump can win. the big money is very much pro-clinton. right now, the electoral college predictions are 209/154 with 175 tossups according to if you're invested long term, it won't matter. but if you're looking for an entry/exit...
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    Hunting Rifle Recommendations (Whitetail Deer)

    Remington 700 is pretty much the default deer rifle. Not saying it's better than others, but just the sheer number of after market parts available make that so. Every gun retailer in America has shelves full of aftermarket stocks and triggers for Remington 700's. New Remington 700's, like...
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    Hunting Rifle Recommendations (Whitetail Deer)

    As to the .22cf question, it all depends on who is doing the shooting. If you have extensive experience, are knowledgable on terminal ballistics, selective on your shots, a .223 or 22.250 with the right bullet is plenty lethal for whitetails. And if you're not, it's not.
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    Battle of Bristol today............

    Cheapest I had a ticket offered to me was $100. And I had several that asked $150. They are all nosebleed seats! They've been tailgating since Wednesday. It's Just like it used to be for a night race when Earnhardt, Wallace, kulwicki, davey Allison and sterling marlin were beating and banging.
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    Hunting Rifle Recommendations (Whitetail Deer)

    The chambering won't really matter. .243 and up. If you're on a budget, the new ruger American rifles are hard to beat for the money. Get you one in 7mm-08 or .308, or .243, or 30-06 and go kill stuff.
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    Battle of Bristol today............

    I live 15 miles south of the track. Traffic has been horrible since Wednesday. There haven't been 100k fans in that place in a LONG time, so 150k is a little bit of a shock to the surrounding communities. Good for business though.
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    Good pick.
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    We have more bears than you can beleive. They don't cause too much trouble unless it gets real dry, or the hickories don't do well. They will destroy fruit trees though. I've got them all around me, and several cow/calf outfits. There's never been any issue that I've heard of with them...
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    Worst Opening Dove Season Ever

    Good opener here. Cool front with some rain and clouds had them moving all day. Hunted again this morning and killed a few more. Looked like some new birds too. Millet is king for doves as far as in concerned. They might like sunflowers a little better, but millet is so cheap and easy it's...
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    I got offended

    probably aren't allowed to ask if you have HIV though...
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    not only that, if it's not cured, it's not salami "Wiki: Salami is a type of cured sausage consisting of fermented and air-dried meat, typically beef or pork."
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    Dove Season - who's ready?

    I've still got plenty of shells left for Saturday and Monday, but we kilt a bunch. Rainy and cloudy had them flying all day long.
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    Dove Season - who's ready?

    CB - you get a bunch of teal down your way?
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    Dove Season - who's ready?

    i'm all stocked up. approximately 17,239 shotgun shells. should last me until dark on Thursday.
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    Where to buy a cut of prime beef i get a box of cowboy cut, dry aged, prime ribeyes from allen brothers every year for christmas. they are without a doubt the best steak you will ever eat. i've never had any of the ultra famous NY or Chicago steak houses, but i've had ruths chris and another...
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    Pelicans in Kansas?

    What do they taste like? :-)