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    PasturePro Posts

    We are dividing our pastures further-we are high density grazing and want to get smaller areas. We are looking at PasturePro Posts. Anyone have any experience with these?
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    Vet school is extremely competative-there are about 7-9 applicants for each position. It is not the schools that make it difficult to get in-it is the other students also wanting to become veterinarians. Just remember that physicians only study one species-veterinarians study many and are...
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    Hmmm, thought for the day.

    Don't forget that a lot of the higher currencies (20's etc) have cocaine on them. Now the OCD people can really worry. But money is really filthy-ever notice all the hand wipes the bank tellers use?
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    cheaper cattle today

    There was a big sale yesterday in McAllister Oklahoma of replacement heifers, cows and bulls-from the flyer we saw it looked like some good cattle available. Anyone go or know what the prices were?? We are in west Arkansas so that would affect what is going on here.
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    Alltel has been puchased by Verizon and they are in the process of merging services. From what Alltel has told us there will be no changes in service and Verizon will be required by federal rulings to maintain service in all the areas Alltel currently serves. We have been concerned about this...
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    Best breed for lots of Mosquitos

    Our Brahmans will be out in the sun in 100 degree weather, grazing, or laying in a pile chewing cud when the other cows are in the shade or in the pond!! They enjoy the hot weather. Now the colder weather they can do without!!
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    I thought it is a requirement for a farrier to be either a current rodeo cowboy or a past one!! All of mine have been , and they are always nursing rodeo injuries!! And they will spend 30 minutes on the job then talk for an hour. Can't figure out how they pay there bills. If they do!!
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    sad news

    We have an 85 model Brahman cow that was a calf out of one of the first cow-calf pairs we bought when starting our herd. She has been the base of our herd since she started producing. We have the 6th generation of hers in the herd. All good cows and top notch producers. She hasn't had a calf...
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    Half time show..

    It was great-I voted for just have the Boss on for the 2nd half and call the football game finished!! Wish he could have had more than 12 minutes! But it will have to do.
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    Cost of a dozen eggs

    Our eggs probably cost $120 an egg!! We purchased chicks last spring-got 50, about the time they were ready to lay the feral dogs killed 30. Got 20 more, have fed them and built 2 mobile hen houses. But they get moved around the pasture behind the cattle and eat all the bugs and things that...
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    Mirafount waterer and horses

    Our horses figured out this waterer very quickly-as fast as the cattle did!!
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    dead calf this morning

    Calves that have bovine respiratory complex ("shipping fever") usually have a multitude of infectious organisms in there lungs. The white fluid you saw in her nostrils was probably fluid from her lungs. When cattle have pneumonia and other types of respiratory infections it can take a lot of...
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    Now where did this guy come from

    We had one of those drop your jaw where did he come from calves last spring-a red and white paint calf out of a red limmi-brahman cross heifer bred to a black limmi bull. When I saw him I started looking for the hole in the fence-he had to come from another farm! But no other cows around us at...
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    Bull problems

    Sounds like something serious-get him to your veterinarian ASAP!
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    Does any body raise chickens

    We have about 25 hens-Barred Rocks plus some Buff Orpingtons and some other unknowns! Plus 2 BR roosters. There are in 2 mobile chicken coops that we use to move around the pastures to keep the bugs down and also fertilize the grass. Can't do free range because of our dogs and the feral dogs...
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    A few dry cow pics

    As usual a very fine set of cattle. And they work in your environment, which is great and what we all strive for!
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    which brand of chute is better?

    Just got a Preifert-don't know the model but it is the upper quality one-it works great-also got the palpation chute with it. Can be worked with one person if needed, but we usually have 2 people there when we work cattle.
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    Setting posts by the signs

    Tomorrow night is the brightest full moon in over a year (due to the moon being closer to the earth). As bright as it is tonight already a person could work at digging posts all night!!
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    pregnancy checking

    It is more likely you will see problems if an inexperienced person palpates your cows in very early pregnancy (30-50 days). At this stage if the embryo and uterus are not handled very gently then harm to the fetus could be done and the pregnancy could be terminated!!
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    Gas prices

    Just paid $2.89 for diesel at the Kroger pumps. Regular gas was $1.92. That was with your Kroger card. The Kroger pumps and the Wal Mart pumps up the street are having a little gas war. May it continue!! Of course the big difference in gas and diesel is still perplexing, but I'll take what...