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    dexter breeders in Arizona, USA

    Lots of info on the net. What is bragged about I don't know if it is true. I was thinking about them for beef, but since they are a "rare" breed I do not know how accesable they are. The number against Charolais is promising. It would be nice to see the figures of carcass traits against other...
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    What I have been able to cull from the net they seem to do well on poor feed. True? However, as discussed on this site, white hided cattle do not do well at the sale barn. Plus, how hard is to to aquire this breed in the USA? Just Curious.
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    How many breeds are there of registered beef cattle?

    You may want to ask (Oklahoma University) Great site
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    Beef registered cattle

    Go to site!
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    cross breed

    Thanks for the feed back. Any one have a breed or cross breed that they have been sucessful with? New idea: Limousin with Angus/Jersey Dam? To get a surdy breed for grass fed/organic beef. Anyone have an opinion?