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    Would you use a classified section?

    Yes I would
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    Old Pics Of Yourself

    HA! yes, I'm 62.... lol I had retired from my 911 job after 26 years, was happy just raising cattle and doing the books for my hubby's trucking business but health insurance costs put me back to work as a Rural Mail Carrier. The plus side is, good money, I like the job, it's outdoors, and I...
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    Old Pics Of Yourself

    Me and my dad back in 1957 or so....
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    How Did Y'all Get Into Cows?

    Married into it. My father in law had been in cattle for many years so my husband was raised with them. I was more familiar with horses so I grew into it. Love them too, even though lots of work!
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    So Long, My Old Friend

    I've been away from this forum for some time. Really hurt my heart to come back and see this sad news.... Dun and I would email occasionally. He was a GOOD man, and easy to talk to. If I had a question (no matter how odd) he always had an answer. RIP Don....
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    "Blood, Sweat, and Cattle" "One Cattleman's Life"
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    Some of this years bulls

    Good looking and thick! Nobody would ever mistake them for heifers! :clap:
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    Winner - 'Chickens'

    :nod: :clap: I agree!
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    Facebook Banned Sale of Animals

    To get back to the Facebook ban on animal sales, I posted an older Quarter horse broodmare for sale in the AQHA broodmare group and my sales post was flagged. I did NOT put it on Marketplace so apparently someone reported it. The ad is no longer visible to anyone other than myself... Ticked me...
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    Happy Birthday! :bday: :tiphat:
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    Do any of the major semen companys carry Net Worth

    We used a Balancer son of Net Worth. Big framey bugger, quiet disposition, gave us some nice growthy calves. Daughters are proving to be very maternal with good milk. We liked him a lot FWIW. :tiphat: edit: we only used him on cows. Not appropriate for heifers but never had to pull any.
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    Interesting, smart cows

    They were bringing them up into the corrals closer to home due to the snow depths making it impossible to feed them or for the cattle to get to the grass underneath. :tiphat:
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    Picture says it all!

    Oh so sorry! :cry: We have several ponds on our land and that's a worry of ours every year when it starts to get cold.
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    What's something you've done, 99% of us haven't?

    I haven't served in the military or been near death like some of you! This has been fun to read.... Survived a multi-roll car crash in the late 70s, sweet '69 Camaro, not sure why any of the three of us in the car lived through that!! Just banged up a bit. :shock: Met Buzz Aldrin a couple of...
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    Another road casualty

    WOW!! Looks like he had some moose and elk DNA in there somewhere!!
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    Happy New Year from SA

    Happy New Year Alison and all CT folk! :tiphat: :drink:
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    Not the Best Christmas...

    Praying for all of you with loved ones having any kind of health problems! :heart: Rafter, glad they figured out your daughter's illness, it's very treatable! I have the opposite, no thyroid! CB, glad they caught your wife's issues before any severe permanent damage! :tiphat: HD, hope...
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    Free hereford Magazines

    Where in Minn are you located farmguy?
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    Happy Birthday Dun! May your days and years be Blessed! :bday: :tiphat: :D