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    Nursing calf pulling cow down.

    Yes, mom has been AI'd to In Focus. Thanks for the input. Bob
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    Nursing calf pulling cow down.

    I've got a bull calf that's looking real promising. I was looking at his mother this weekend and she's losing some weight. He's scheduled to be weaned in about 2 weeks. Should I go ahead and pen him up so the cow can put the weight back on? Many thanks! Bob
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    How much will I spend for some "good" bred angus h

    I run registered Angus. I tend to think buying private treaty is the way to go. Get to know the breeder. Spend some time with potential animals. You also don't have the frenzy of competition at an auction. Best bet is to buy young bred cows or 3 in 1. Figure anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000...
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    maybe not the right place(thoughts and prayers needed)

    Done. May God watch over that little one and keep him safe. My thoughts and prayers for your family as well.
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    What do you folks carry?

    Stainless Ruger 10-22 with fluted bull barrel, Leupold 3x9 and plastic stock. Cheap and fun to shoot!
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    Calf getting through barb wire.

    I have a 3 month old Angus bull calf that has learned how to get through 5 strand barb wire. I was thinking of running a length of 1/4 braid hot wire about 24" high on a solar charger to put an end to his wandering. Any suggestions? Many thanks!
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    coral help (pics??)

    Have you looked at Priefert? They have basically anything you might need.
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    Software ???

    Cattle Max software can be used on a commercial herd. The American Angus Association also offers a sofware package, but as expected, it's intended to be used with a registered herd.
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    what a pleasent surprise

    Could also have some Limo to get the red or black. The bottom line is if it's not an exceptional bull, it's going into the food chain. I just sent two yearling registered Angus bulls to auction this week. Unless they have some strong bloodlines, no need to keep them as bulls. I know I won't...
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    Calf nursing off wrong cow.

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    Calf nursing off wrong cow.

    I have a calf that was born 04/19. His dam doesn't appear to have much milk on her. I have another cow that should be calving soon. She has a huge udder. For whatever reason, the month old bull has started nursing off of the expectant cow. What's the best plan of attack to get him back on...
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    Fly control.

    I've got more flies than I need this year. What are you guys / gals finding most effective in controlling the darn things? Thanks!
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    New land purchase

    Check out I think that is the correct link. They specialize in that area and have some nice property most of the time. Most of his stuff is raw land, but usually is fenced with ponds, electric to the property etc.
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    New Low

    Mike, couldn't agree more. You can share your knowledge and experience without being rude. Everybody was a beginner and knew nothing about cattle at some point in their life. I'm sure there are folks here who are rookies in the cattle business, but they might be able to teach others a thing...
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    New Low

    Okay, I'll probably get blasted here, but enough is enough. This is the BEGINNERS board. There are a number of experienced guys who read the posts and take a great deal of time to help us BEGINNERS. (Dun comes immediately to mind) If the stupid questions offend you. Get the heck off the...
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    Need guidance on selling / trading young Angus bulls.

    Both of them are good, solid looking calves. Straight backs etc. They were both born in June of 2005. Registration numbers are 15070376 and 15070372. I would really like to trade them for heifers if possible.
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    Need guidance on selling / trading young Angus bulls.

    I have a very small group of Registered Angus. One of my cows just had a bull calf this week. That gives me three cows, one heifer, two weanling bulls and one baby bull. Obviously, I have more bulls than I need. What's the best way to sell / trade registered stock? Should I just sell / trade...
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    Calves in Squeeze Chute

    I have a Priefert SO-4. Works like a charm. Super easy adjustment on the width for working calves. Headgate works great. I was weighing and woming this weekend.
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    Udder filling up. How long now?

    I noticed the udder on one of my cows is starting to fill up yesterday. This will be my first one. :lol: 'Bout how long until she calves now? Thanks!
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    Holding pens, chutes squeeze gates

    Priefert CS-1 complete system. Add the palp / AI cage and you are ready to go. SO-4 squeeze (included with the CS-1) is best available. Best of luck! RGR P.S. If you want a scale (pretty much a must with registered cattle) take a look at Tru-Test.