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  1. farmwriter

    whattya really look like?

    Well, thx. It's a lot nicer than my ragged out Jeep, that's for sure!
  2. farmwriter

    whattya really look like?

    That one was. We actually bought it with a/b 500 hrs on it from a guy who wanted a bigger tractor. When his new one got a/b 500 hrs on it, he wanted the old one (with the drive-over mower deck) back, so we traded for his other tractor, so the one we have now is a smidge bigger. The compact...
  3. farmwriter

    whattya really look like? Maybe this will work. I have totally given up on posting pics here.
  4. farmwriter


    I'm certainly still on the young side of most of the members here, but I sadly and clearly remember the first time I fell down... and it really hurt just hitting the ground. Sure made me feel old for a day or two.
  5. farmwriter


    Kerley, I can't believe you got that much rain! All I got was thunder, but I don't wanna sound like I'm complaining. Grass looks better now than it has in all of '11. I never thought I'd be so happy to see all those stubborn bahia tassels!
  6. farmwriter

    I never have seen it this dry.

    We sold 10 bred cows (out of season with the rest of the herd, but we were gonna calve em out and try to get em back on track) yesterday afternoon, trying to cut down on feeding and hay $$$. People w/in an hour's drive of us have gotten enough rain to keep their pastures going, but every storm...
  7. farmwriter

    Prayers needed

    Bless them all, I cannot imagine the difficulty. You have my prayers.
  8. farmwriter

    worried,need good thoughts

    In my prayers too hun. Take care of yourself, and try not to worry too much over the next few weeks, though I know it's easier said than done. Chin up!
  9. farmwriter

    Ever have on of those days....

    Wow! Worst that ever happens on our place is spinning in the sand. I hesitate to even say it gets muddy here compared to what some of ya'll have to deal with. Guess it all has its problems and advantages though.
  10. farmwriter


    I have a young friend from Austria, and over there they have to do a brief military stint or the same period of time (I wanna say 18 mos, but I can't really remember) in some sort of community service work. And as far as the mention of how we stack up in comparison with other nations, I always...
  11. farmwriter


    Kids are doing that in my area too. I'm skeptical of how much the two really equate though. I wonder if what they are learning is truly on par with what they would have learned in college. I didn't think college was that much more difficult than HS, you just had a lot more material to cover and...
  12. farmwriter


    :lol2: You're not far from wrong, but I did think it was much better than the avg trite, tear-jerker, "We don't have to shoot him, do we?" or "We'll always be free..." pkg they typically re-wrap every 18-24 mos. And I guess I shouldn't be so critical of them, because I usually don't watch them...
  13. farmwriter


    Secretariat - a teeny bit cheesy in spots, but a really nice, clean movie. Watched it at home this past weekend, but I gotta say, it was super-impressive on the big screen. Nice for families.
  14. farmwriter

    Cold again!!!

    They've also been telling us since lunch that it's only gonna be raining for 2 more hours... :roll:
  15. farmwriter

    WHERE DO YOU LIVE????????

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  16. farmwriter

    Did You See

    One of my mother's favorite expressions. We're not the most sympathetic bunch anyway, but she's always saying "If you're gonna be stupid, you better be tough," especially about cows and horses that are always finding a way to get hurt. I say that like there's any other kind...
  17. farmwriter

    all that milk payed off

    It is wonderful to share in others' happiness! Show that rehab who's boss!
  18. farmwriter

    Did You See

    I'm so glad you found that Dun! My day just got a little brighter.
  19. farmwriter

    Lasik surgery?

    Way to go! Hope everything's clear as a bell really soon! I so wish I could talk my husband into it.
  20. farmwriter


    Rich vs poor... seems to me most people can dang well afford what's important to them. If you're fortunate enough to live in a good school district, great. If not, what's the real cost of putting or not putting your child somewhere they can be safe (or at least safer) for seven hours of the day?