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    Need trainer in North Texas.

    I've got two weanling Paints that need some guidance. I'm new to horses. To be honest, I'm a bit intimidated by them right now. I'd like to get a trainer to work with them for a month or so to lay the foundation, give them some manners etc. Anybody know someone in north TX? I'm close to...
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    Introducing horses to new pasture.

    I have two paint weanlings that I have kept penned for a couple of weeks to get them used to me. I'd like to turn them out in the pasture now. I was told that I need to lead them around the property before letting them out. I have 42 acres, so that's a pretty good hike times 2. Is this...
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    Need horse waterer advice.

    I'd like to put an automatic waterer in the middle of my pasture. I don't have electricity. Does anyone offer one that won't freeze up? Maybe a solar panel or something? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Bob
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    Type of wood for stalls

    I'm putting up a small run-in using Horseman's Choice modular shelter system. The stalls have wood inserts for all 4 sides. Can I use pressure treated wood for this or are the chemicals in treated wood harmful? If that's not an acceptable material, what is the best choice? Many thanks!
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    Best diet for weanlings?

    We just got two paint weanlings. They are about 5 months old. The breeder has been feeding crimped oats, hay and a mineral block. Will this diet provide adequate nutrition for youngsters? Many thanks! Bob
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    How much attention does a horse on pasture require.

    Stupid question, please bear with a newbie. We have 42 acres in Palmer, TX. That's just south of Dallas. We currently have 7 registered Angus on the place. Rolling terrain with coastal in the summer and rye in the winter (usually). We were thinking of getting a horse for pleasure riding...