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    MIG book pass around

    frank boucher expresses interest back when you first started it around
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    Cattle loan

    Your vet must moonlight here in this area. Idk that it's always a vet doing it, but I've bought some that was way off the others in the group of "third" stage. Like three months off. Could have been the sorters too
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    Property Markers

    The thing is, "just staking a line" can turn into a full blown survey if boundary corners cannot be located and verified. I take it that you do not have a survey plat? Particularly a recorded survey? That is a map of the survey by the surveyor who performed it, indicating line dimensions...
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    Property Markers

    Chris, how's this situation shaping up? I meant to post a response before and never did. As far as your deeded acreage, did you know that the errors are thrown into the west side of the west sections of a township, which S30 is one.
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    Cattle goals for the new yr and future

    I didn't get the impression that you were, CC2, and didn't pick up on that anyone else did either.
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    Replacement heifer nutrition

    I weighed my feed yesterday, and they are getting a tick over three pounds daily of the 50/50
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    Replacement heifer nutrition

    I'd probably start them at 1% and see what they are gonna take. I have a handful of hfrs I just put a bull on around the first of Dec. They are not taking much to keep up in good condition. They will weigh 800 probably and they are getting about 5 lbs of ddg/chops 50/50 mix, and free choice hay...
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    MIG book pass around

    I'm interested if its still available.
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    Lets see them, tnc.
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    Keeping Books on Average Gain

    Care to expand on the junk classification on the Tru Test bars under a chute statement?
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    Tax deductions question for breeding stock

    A few years ago I was told by my tax guy that I had the option of depreciating purchased breeding stock over 5 yrs or all the first year. I don't know which forms or schedules used, but I take them off the first year, and report the sale same as the other cattle sold.
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    Should I buy ?

    On the trader thing, I respect someone who has the initiative and knowledge to do it, as long as they offer complete disclosure on issues of the cattle. When you go to withholding information about cattle you are selling, on a one on one transaction, then I consider that unethical. And that is...
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    Loan or grow?

    I chose a line of credit to start up. Nothing down, no collateral other than cows. If things get bad, I'll sell out, and if that aint enough, set it up as a regular loan. As it is, as bad as writing the interest check is every year, it's going pretty good. Just try to plan as best you can, you...
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    5 yr. old bull ?

    If he's in good shape, and a desirable type of bull, passing bse as mentioned, you may get more for him. Some smaller, or not so small, outfits may have a place for him. Why's he not wanting to keep him?
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    When you all are calculating your cow cost per year, are you prorating your cattle that are not there all year? At what point are you including heifers into the mix? For those that background your calves, I assume you calculate that as a separate enterprise and keep track of your costs there...
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    Calf buy back

    I don't know the particulars of how they determined calf prices. I have heard with this particular setup, the bulls were provided by the Alliance. I don't know if that is true or not. A guy might have to buy a bull from them. I never heard what they were looking for, cow wise. I have a suspicion...
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    Pasture grazing question

    Works good until you have a dry year, then you have more cows than grass, and no extra to make hay with either. So you're buying hay or selling cows, which is no big deal unless you are trying to hold on to the genetics you've put together. Just something to keep in mind.
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    Calf buy back

    I have heard of a "Beef Alliance" thing here where they provided the bulls and then bought your calves back. I don't know the particulars.
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    I've never been to a slaughter house

    This is from a former JBS supervisor: Live weight is determined by weighing loaded trucks in, empty trucks out. Grid is determined by rail weight in addition to docks and premiums. No pens are comingled with live weight and grid sold animals. Every carcass is weighed leaving kill floor en route...
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    Working cattle - how not to get kicked

    It's not intuitive, but when behind calves at least, get right up their azz. When you think you're too close get about three feet closer, I mean right behind them, touching them. That takes a lot of power off that kick, they won't be close to extension. When cutting, have both arms right against...