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  1. farmwriter

    blind cow

    Is there a visible problem with the eye or are you basing it on the calf's behavior? *Sorry, misread the first time and thought the calf was blind.
  2. farmwriter

    Sense of accomplishment and relief

    :tiphat: Congrats!
  3. farmwriter

    All finished!

    :banana: Last cow calved between the morning check and feeding about 30 minutes ago! We had one born Sunday morning that doesn't seem to be doing great, but I'm so glad to have the waiting and birthing over, I can deal with the rest of it! Our goal was to be done by March 1st, so I am really...
  4. farmwriter

    Dead Heifer Calve

    My fav heifer delivered a dead heifer this year too. Sorry friend.
  5. farmwriter

    Calving update....the saga continues

    I wondered that too, or if perhaps the calf had grabbed some foreign object (who knows what) and tried to nurse it? I see our's grab all kinds of things to see if it might have some dinner in it.
  6. farmwriter

    need advice on a calf

    Glad to see they are figuring things out. I love when people come back and post good news.
  7. farmwriter

    Calving update....the saga continues

    Sounds like a tough year, to be sure, and ya have my sympathy. Any word from the vet re. the lab work on the other 2?
  8. farmwriter

    Ongoing calving problems

    Agree completely.
  9. farmwriter

    lost sucking reflex

    The only bottle calf I ever took on that didn't make it was the only one I ever had that wouldn't consistently suck after figuring out what the bottle was. It was a huge calf the mother rejected and in addition to having front legs that were way contracted, the calf just didn't seem right. The...
  10. farmwriter

    Heifer Bull?

    Looked at the books last night, and we only have 9 more cows left to calve! Looking forward to having the whole batch here so things will hopefully slow down a little bit. We've got that cold snap coming in like everybody, but our cows have kinda got the nasty butts where things have started...
  11. farmwriter

    Heifer Bull?

    Yeah, he lifts weights and takes good care of himself, but I don't let it go to his head. Oh... wait... are we... :lol:
  12. farmwriter

    Heifer Bull?

    My husband makes that joke about any man who only has daughters. So far we've had 2 losses, 3 sets of twins, and pretty even split of bulls/heifers. Found a new one this afternoon, already fluffy dry running behind her mama when I went to put out pellets. I love finding those kind!!!
  13. farmwriter

    feeding twins and cow

    Well, I'm turning the cow and bull calf out with the others today. Fella came and bought the heifer calf, so for the time being, I pray things are gonna slow back down to a normal calving-season pace.
  14. farmwriter

    No more tubing / bottle feeding!

    My new best friend bought himself another nurse cow today, so he came and bought the heifer from our 3rd set of twins. I am about to shed a grateful tear, but I will try not to celebrate too much so as not to jinx myself again.
  15. farmwriter

    feeding twins and cow

    Okay, that's what I was thinking. If she can supplemet their bottles a little and hopefully get them on solid food without losing her condition, that seems like the best scenario to me. And right now it's do-able. If we have (please Lord, NO) another set of twins...all bets are off.
  16. farmwriter

    feeding twins and cow

    JT, If you think you're gonna put one on the bottle, I'd reccomend you start trying it as soon as possible. I have raised several bottle calves, and they don't usually pick right up on it. The older, bigger, stronger, they get, the more they will whip your butt until they figure it out.
  17. farmwriter

    feeding twins and cow

    Would they die w/out it - probably not. But I sure don't think they'd both thrive on just what the cow could produce and I don't want to run that young cow in the ground by making her try to keep up with them, especially since she's behaved so well through all this. Thank you all for your...
  18. farmwriter

    feeding twins and cow

    Okay, I know we have several twin threads going already, but I'm looking for some specific advice. Here's the background: I had a heifer deliver male/female twins last Monday, Jan 10. The male is small, but the female is tiny. I literally would put her birthweight at about 25 pounds -...
  19. farmwriter


    I don't want to argue, but just to be clear, the blood test is very accurate on whether or not the cow has been bred. If she has lost the calf, the cow can still test positive. Important to keep in mind for those who might not realize it.
  20. farmwriter


    Ah, that makes sense. Weight is the only thing I've ever seen wt used for, but you never know if you don't ask. Thx for clarifying.