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    There are many advantages to a F1 Tiger Stripped bull calves, ever heard about a Super Baldies?
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    Is that even a Question? to a Beefy Hereford Bull.. Those Tiger Stripped F1 sell for gold $$$..
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    They have very nice Marbled beef and look good..
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    How about Nelore? They have smaller ears than Brahman.
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    Thinking about a jersey Charolais bull..... your thoughts

    It's really not a bad bull if you cross it to a Brahama cow.
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    Nice, they look like Nelore Cattle.
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    Black Hereford / Santa Gertrudis cross

    You will find very few black hereford breeders and even fewer crossing them to Gert cows, the cross sure can't beat Hereford bulls on Brangus cows for Super Baldies.
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    What breed 2 ?

    I just don't see how they are any better than Brangus/Ultra Black :cboy:
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    My new Wagyu bull

    seems like the Wagyu/Charolais seems to be larger and with as much if not more marbling?
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    Google, I was doing some research on cattle domestication around the world.
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    No, but I found many searching in google :cboy:
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    Yes, the massive wild forest ox, Bos Gaurus. Look at this massive back.
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    My new Wagyu bull

    Well yeah when comparing top 10% of other british breeds(top 1% of continental and 0.001% to Zebu) I am sure you can beat an "Average Angus", but when comparing the best with best, you just can't beat an Angus. Crossbreeding is an entirely different thing. Wagyu & Charolais = Gyulais Gyulais...
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    Perhaps we are arguing about Semantics here. So let me try to clear that up. "First Domesticated Cattle" = Middle Eastern Aurochs domesticated about 10,000 years ago. Current Domestic European Cattle(British More so than Continental) are a mixture of domesticated cattle brought up by Neolithic...
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    I think he must be referencing recent data about British Auroch Genome found on current British domestic cattle: An excerpt from the research: "The data in hand have revealed that British aurochs significantly contributed to the genetic...
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    I did an extensive edit on my previous post, you may want to check it out.
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    What you are talking about? 100% of Bos Taurus breeds(European/Asian/North African) breeds can trace their lineage back to Aurochs! European Aurochs are Bos primigenius primigenius and the domesticated european cattle is Bos primigenius taurus(aka Bos Taurus), Zebu cattle can trace their lineage...
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    Chinangus bulls

    Wow that sounds interesting, them Dexter cows are so damn small, eat so little. I wonder how good the cross calf fared compared to straight balance calves
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    Red angus assc. epd percentile

    when will the AAA start using BOLT for EPD calculation?
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    Brangus Bull First Calves

    The bull has a awful navel and is just begging a cow step on it and ruin your bull, I thought that the brangus breed had already solved that issue