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    Angus Terminal/Maternal

    I was talking to a former AAA guy just yesterday. It seems that his thoughts on raising Angus cattle is it is being made a lot harder than it has to be. He does finish a few of his own and ship, he's not totally a cow/calf operation, so he would have a use for the $B. It would benefit him to be...
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    Bred Heifers

    Like them a lot. Nice job.
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    Would you buy this bull?

    He sounds perfect. I am not there yet, still using wormer/vaccs and graining hfrs
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    Would you buy this bull?

    Done on high octane fescue?
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    My first embryos!

    Exciting! Keep us posted on the process
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    Purebred Angus bulls without papers

    I think the customer service aspect of it is most well developed by those who want/need to sell bulls.
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    Best Simmental or Angus bulls for the fescue belt

    Thank you. I am curious what our level could be expected to be here. I was hoping for a general zone layout like what appears to be shown on the US map. It seems to be pretty intense here at times.
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    Best Simmental or Angus bulls for the fescue belt

    Link for this, please.
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    Replacement Heifers

    I like them all. You have some dandies there. Show us some calves later.
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    It Begins

    You've got some dandies there
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    Fall Calves

    I had twin bulls born last week to a hfr, dead I assume. Cleaned up, 20' apart, she was coming back to them and bawling for them. She was due last half Sept. Had another born to 3yo, alive for now and doing good, due mid to late Sept according to my notes after bull turn in.
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    Gizmom and the Boss great adventure

    Yes. Thank you
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    Thinking long term

    That's cool, congratulations
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    What to look for when buying Brahman

    Same here dun. They separate steers/heifers, naturally, but also cut out any too far out in lbs from their respective group. As far as I know, Joplin is the nearest sale that does the co*mingling. I don't know of any other sale, none real close to me, that does it. I don't visit a lot of...
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    Up and Coming Heifers

    Real nice Bb
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    Age of herd bull

    My old bull is nine. I have to admit that there is a connection with him that there won't be any later bulls, my Grandpa and Dad's last bull they bought, but he's throwing good calves that come easy and grow good. He is a very easy keeper, great disposition, I can do anything with him. Just walk...
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    A thought for a few thinkers

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    Just a couple calves

    I like them. Got some length, I like that. What area are you in?
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    Sold in less than 30 minutes

    [ Darren said the same thing. But that much chrome is hard to sell. It just so happens it was exactly what they wanted I'd say that would be correct. I'd say you did good.
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    Big heifer bull!

    Ah. Quite the difference there between the two, WC. I didn't catch the potential difference at first. A guy could go by a description, and read it how he wants, although he may be surprised later.