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  1. farmwriter

    Braford and tigerstripe?

  2. farmwriter

    We have rescued cattle

    So funny to hear you talk about the "black mongrels". We hauled 2 open cows to the sale a couple of weeks ago and the slightly heavier, older, uglier blk cow brought 7 more cents a pound than the nice young gray cow that appeared to be sterile since we couldn't get her settled and she seemed in...
  3. farmwriter

    The "Girls"

    Pretty girls! Bet they look even nicer against green grass!
  4. farmwriter

    What do you think. . .? How does. . .??

    With all due respect, maybe instead of starting a thread that many of the people asking these questions won't understand or perhaps even bother to read, you could make some constructive comments to their thread, like, "If your current herd lacks/needs to improve a, b, and/or c, this bull might...
  5. farmwriter

    Along with "Black Hide Pays More"

    Last sale I was at, black hair still brings a few more cents per pound.
  6. farmwriter

    A few pics from the last few weeks.

    Beautiful girl, beautiful pics. I especially like the one of the barn all lit up. Thx for posting!
  7. farmwriter

    what breed to cross longhorns with for best replacement

    #1 I'm not sure what you mean. He does better than what in what way? Just curious. #2 As to the de-horning part, we do on everything born here that isn't polled (we're crossbreeding, so it's a victory to me if the bull can manage to dehorn them before they get here.) Now the 1st generation...
  8. farmwriter

    what breed to cross longhorns with for best replacement

    I was having lunch @ a burger joint with some friends once, and an older fella in the bunch said "I think I'll stroll around and see how many people are saying, 'Mmmmm! Boy, you can really taste the Angus in here!' " I thought I would fall of my chair I laughed so hard!
  9. farmwriter

    what breed to cross longhorns with for best replacement

    We've used blk angus bulls on our LH's for several years, and the crosses are some of my fav cows now. They are super easy calvers, good milkers, a good mix of mild disposition but protective mothering instincts, and they keep their condition much easier than the all-beef gals. They're not big...
  10. farmwriter

    F1 baldy cows

    RedBB, you must be a math guy. I do remember that a lil bit from college. We have a tendency to say what you said Jeanne, but number crunchers say technically that's not correct. I think the classic argument goes something like this: You flip a coin three times and it comes up tails every time...
  11. farmwriter

    Post your pictures!

    Really nice, NR! Do they live in the backyard? :P
  12. farmwriter

    advice please

    We've had foals and calves loose their voices from pining for their mamas. They'll be fine. Fenceline or not, getting them started on hay or a little feed just before you wean them does help a lot.
  13. farmwriter

    Out of curiosity - branding

    I'd say 3way hit the nail on the head. And Kingfisher - good call! :lol2:
  14. farmwriter

    supper time

    Well put, NR. Made me smile.
  15. farmwriter

    Red brahman heifer

    Nice looking girl. Does she always stand with her back legs stretched behind her a bit?
  16. farmwriter

    This one is a must have.....

    How do ya'll find these things?
  17. farmwriter

    F-1 crosses

    That's what I meant. To my mind if it's not that ratio, it's a brahman-hereford cross.
  18. farmwriter

    New cow/calf pairs

    I'd love to, but I've given up on posting here. When they've settled I'll get some shots and at least post the FB link.
  19. farmwriter

    New cow/calf pairs

    $1020 a pair with second calves at their sides. Cows and calves are here. Bull is coming in the morning after he's semen tested.
  20. farmwriter

    New cow/calf pairs

    Looks like today might be the day they arrive! We've been trying to get them since last week, but it's been so dang muddy, we were all afraid to try it! Fellow had 25 pairs he wanted to sell. We're getting 15 and a friend is getting 10 and since the lot of them will be here until the calves are...