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    The way I see it...

    Gotcha, thank you.
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    The way I see it...

    allison, I have never been banned from a board. Ever. I tend to move on if I find something about a site I don't like. There are those that don't do that, with good reason. If I felt like I was wronged, then I may take a different stance. As far as I know, the board WAS created in '16, but...
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    Dave, I was wrong. He was there, but wasn't judging. I was told he goes and runs the gate, but doesn't judge, due to his son competing.
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    Not sure Dave, but I agree. I didn't watch any of it. Maybe they have three or more judges at the finals to avoid that? I saw a fb post of him out there, that's all, I just assumed. I'll try to find some footage of it during bb and see if I can tell. May have just been chute boss or something...
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    Dan, if I remember correctly? Bigfoot, yes, we have had a portion of this conversation before I think. What I didn't realize was that this year my other bil was a judge, and his son my nephew qualified in bb again.
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    My bil is there. We went together 20 yrs ago. Twenty yrs went by pretty quick, looking back on it.
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    Sounds a lot like my boss. Gives me "the look" first thing every morning, like he's expecting more out of me.
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    Cutting horse,heeler cross..

    I saw the first clip like that a few years ago. If there was ever a mule worth 10k that is the one.
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    J&D Cattle

    Happy B'day, JnD
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    Thank you
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    Math Problem

    74.8 million is my guesstimate, 205k per day. I think you will have a hard time getting 600 pounds off a 1100 lb slaughter cow. Assuming we are slaughtering cows as stated.
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    When an auctions not an auction

    That does sounds screwy. I don't go to many auctions so I just assume it's on the level. If I want to bid, I bid. If it's got too high, quit. Dad was good at following what's going on. He went with me to a sale once, and asked me if I noticed the auctioneer was skipping bids, two hundred at a...
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    Organizing receipts for taxes

    I set up an Excel spreadsheet with row and column check. I'll enter the receipts once or twice a month, when the stack gets high enough to fool with. I've saved this years on a thumb drive already, and will print off copies to send to the tax guy when the time comes.
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    Arkansas Dog Pack

    Probably thirty years ago my grandpa had some dog issues. Figured he knew the owner and he was contacted. Owner refused to put them up and told him to just do what he had to. Big, aggressive type of dogs. My grandpa carried a 22, was all he had, so if he was lucky enough to catch them at the...
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    Expensive caps!!!

    I don't think I've ever directly paid for one, that I can recall. Get plenty from the feed store, just gotta ask them. They will gesture toward the store room and they have a wall shelf full of them, take your pick. Tall, old school "trucker hats", low pro new style caps, some with the plastic...
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    What to do about people trespassing.

    The "move ins" are the ones causing problems. It's obvious you don't have problems with poachers, thieves and crack heads.
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    illegal steals from house, jury pays her fine.

    Then dont get there. No problem.
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    What to do about people trespassing.

    I dont think you really get it. Don't make any difference what he was driving. A wore out Toyota, or a new Caddy, he didn't have any business in there.
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    What to do about people trespassing.

    I think the point was, he didn't have no business in there. What's so hard to understand about that? No county road sign, everybody has a phone with a map app on it. Maybe he was on business, maybe it was a cover. Nosey trespasser sounds to me like, just out riding around and looking where he...
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    It Has Begun

    Bet she's hating you about now