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    Wind Rain and Fly control minerals

    This is what I have observed as well. IIRC, WnR does not recommend additional salt source along with WnR minerals. After they have had their fill, whether it takes three days or two weeks, they will back off. Then you can move your feeder closer or farther to water to fine tune the intake. They...
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    Cow down

    Hang in there, Tom. Figure out who to listen to for advice, do the best you can, and keep moving forward.
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    48cm Yearling Scrotal

    You didn't have a leg in it too did you?
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    11 year old Bull bleeding from his nose

    If it's from just one I'd look up in there, maybe with a bore scope if necessary. I remember as a kid I helped my grandpa with a cow that had a problem. I don't remember what the symptoms were, but assume it was bleeding, snorting and rubbing her nose. We pulled a blackberry briar stalk over two...
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    Trimming hooves and foot rot.

    What levels of iodine, selenium and biotin are we talking about to be good levels? I have a couple of cows with bad feet that occasionally gimp around. They raise good calves, one raising twins this year, that I plan to keep a while longer. I usually have a case or two of foot rot every year...
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    Bad Old Feet ?

    TC, what do you do for your winter time anaplasmosis prevention?
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    Creep feed DDG

    I've had two pairs cut out of the bunch for a while. I was having trouble, one of them being an aged cow going downhill pretty fast. The other was the only first calf hfr I had this fall. I knew I was gonna have to put the cow down eventually and started those two calves on 50/50 chops/ddg's...
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    Mineral program for replacements

    Mine get the same as the rest, Wind and Rain hi mag availa 4
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    Baby Calves and Buzzards

    I just went to a meeting a few nights ago that the these vultures were addressed. We have at least a couple of cattlemen in my area that has lost some calves to them. I saw a couple different looking birds about two months ago that I thought could be blacks, but I am not certain. The guy there...
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    Anyone know what this is

    Don't know, but I noticed something similar on my bulls shoulder just today. His had an old dried up layer of skin peeling off of it as well. Im wondering if it was a reaction to a horse fly bite or something like that.
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    @!#$%&*# Foot Rot is consuming my life

    It's probably not for foot rot. It's probably for anaplasmosis.
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    Pinkeye after being worked

    You seem to be very insistent on people being aware of the legality of adding ctc in any manner. I am curious as to your motivation. Are you a vet, a vet student, government employee in this field, or maybe a feed rep/etc? Here is what I have "heard". From an MFA employee, I can't add ctc...
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    Pinkeye after being worked

    Are you mixing it into minerals yourself, or have you had success with the levels (2800 or 5600) in factory minerals, in my case Purina WnRain? I have mixed in myself, and while its not too unhandy, I'm thinking of going to a premixed if the levels are effective.
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    @!#$%&*# Foot Rot is consuming my life

    This is the brand I use as well. IIRC there are different concentrations of it available, so be aware in dosing. I think my vet limited me to two week treatment using it. I cannot remember why now, chemical imbalance of some kind I suppose.
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    Loss of tail switch?

    That looks more like it's been affected by a fungus, or chewed off, hung up and pulled out, etc., than caused by fescue.
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    No, need a vfd. I just called for one the other day. But, I'm mixing my own. Vet gal said she had only talked to one other producer for that. Everyone else is buying pre mixed. I am used to mixing mine, since Purina didn't offer it with hi mag until the vfd came out. I guess they figured you...
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    The knife and the moon

    I like to cut in the sign, secrets or lower, and dropping. Grandpa did it that way, that's good enough for me. I wean by the sign when it's close to when I have dry lots. If not, then I might wean anyway. There is always somebody that bawls for a week either way.
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    Angus foot score data

    I imagine so. The horse people used to be bad about that too. Jan birthdate on fall colts.
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    Angus foot score data

    Garbage in, garbage out. I would like to know the percentage of real data out there being used. I hope it would surprise me in a good way. A fella I know, family had been in the registered business for years, recently went all commercial. Said to me once, "you every wonder how the guys selling...
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    Fenceline Weaning Pic's

    NIce group Frank!