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    Just accumulated enough corn oil to make a batch. Should make about 30 gal' when done. Any one else making there own. I' been at it for five years and mix at 20% with no trouble. LIFE IS SHORT FLY FAST
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    Any way to get rid of termites in the ground just poured diesel an a railroad tie post. Getting old finding this pest even under rocks.
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    Calving pic's

    Looking for the calving pic's to show my granddaughter. any help.
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    Corn Oil

    Have about 20 gals. of corn oil left, From a biodiesel project . Thinking of putting it in the garden. any thoughts on this good or bad idea?
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    Six month old with scours

    I'm a week into weening . I have a one steer with scours ,did receive 2.25" of rain after a 40 day dry spell.The other four steers are good for now. I did give a little spring mineral when the rain came. Any ideas.
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    5' bale in the garden

    Just put a 5' round bale of brome in the garden for the cattle to eat and to put organic matter in the soil. Doe's any know the best ay to take care of the weeds later on.
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    Boom Pole

    I need lift 130#. Does anyone know how far I can extend my Boom pole, and not go over 1000# of force at the base.
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    Garden Tractor 5000

    The motor sputters to a stop when the mower deck is engaged. Seams to run fine other wise. Though it did seem to be down on power prior to this. Tractor is five years old.
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    Bermuda grass

    Has any one, won the battle getting rid of Bermuda grass if so how. I'm going to try 5 acres in the spring and need a good plan. I was thinking of using Roundup but don't have a idea how often to spray. I used Roundup in the garden area this year and seams to have made it worse.
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    my pc is acting up on your page anyone else

    Is't just my PC
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    Now we look at 4.00 a GAL

    Just when I thought they ran out of excuses to raise the price of fuel. Lets just shut down a pipeline. They did it before with no big price increase. But now the price of oil will go up. Maybe we should hold back on sell cattle for three or four weeks.
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    Japanese beetles

    We need help and fast. Looks like We might lose all the Peaches this year to Japanese Beetles. I need to know what works? I just come in from looking at my four trees. Peaches have big gouges with Beetles in them. Lost 40% of the leaves. Never see the likes of it.
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    Chest high by the 4th of july

    Chest High by the 4th of july. Sweet corn is doing good But I do see better. I get them next year.
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    PTO oil seal

    I took the cover off the pto on my ford 2000. And it was filled with oil,anybody know if this is a easy fix or should I take it in. I have the eight speed trans. Looks like the shaft has to come out to get the job done.
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    Temp gage

    My water temp gage went south.How do I tell if it's the gage or the sender? It's on a 2600 ford tractor I'm going to start making biodesiel and need to see what changes.
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    Hard clay

    I have a spot in the new garden that's hard clay about 4" down. Will not turn over.Should I use a Sub Soiler and inject manure in the ground. Or should I just right it off. It' about 80'x200'
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    3.00 a gallon by Easter

    Any body want to bet? Without a doubt we"ll see 3.00 gas & 3.25 diesel By Easter.
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    Pasture to garden

    Wife wants bigger garden. What would be the best way? Already did soil test and we don't need a thing.
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    Select o Speed Trans.

    I'm looking at Ford 4000 with low hours. I just don't Know a thing about this select O speed trans. Made in the USA
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    Biodiesel Good or bad would like to hear[/b]