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    Direction of the USA

    Nothing better than a civil socialist ...a great package..she's actually a arrogant idiot..
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    And take your chainsaws with you...
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    I vote for a national stimulus check day...celebrated every Friday at the mailbox..
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    like a wolf in sheeps clothing..Racism is his biggest playing card..Trump aleast looked at us as all Americans..Biden put us in mental segregation ...but atleast he's transparent in that aspect, you can see right through him..
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    That's one they ain't touching...
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    Two good things come of it....first,it's became a Holiday..second, it will go down in history as Joe Bidens only accomplishment....
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    Biden - Putin Summit

    That's true Biden is craping on everything he all of us plenty to worry about..its like being tied in a chair, and watching a kid play with a loaded gun...but atleast you don't have ol meany pants to worry about
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    Biden - Putin Summit

    Expose him as old and vulnerable? Stevie Wonder can see that
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    Let's see your brand....

    Rafter L Left hip,and mostly now because every body around me runs black cattle..
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    Lost 3 to blackleg

    Weather changes and rains can cause the dormant ground spores to wake up..and when the calves are old enough to start foraging heavy..dang buzzards and coyotes can carry it and infect clean you can really never be free from it ..
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    Body condition

    folks like to see their cattle slick and fat year round..they think a skinny one ,is a sick one..and I'm sure they're immune system is compromised during that period.i had a brangus cow that looked like a chitlin year round..raised a good calf ,and bred back like clockwork..but looked horrible...
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    June 2021 Hay pictures

    Are having the crap scared out of you hitting one ,and and it trips the breakaway..
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    Low/no maintenance cattle

    Likely nothing really note worthy other than you could get in a good linebred Bull..unless the user plans to keep his herd feral..once you re domesticate them they will no longer be the animal you were hoping for..
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    Fuel? Who is out?

    We're out here in places.
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    Things I absolutely hate.....

    Both have the same thing in common..
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    Still think this admin is right for our country?

    Memaw Ivey has put her foot..
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    Fuel? Who is out?

    If someone competent took over would take them 4 years to clean up the mess he's made just 100 days in..
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    Downed heifer, late in pregnancy.

    Milk fever?calcium deficiency.. Got all the sounds
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    Mental health seems to be going down hill.......

    Like the moments after the election..
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    Butter cups

    Wild buttercup here doesn't discriminate no matter how fertile your pasture..gotta be sprayed fairly regular..two things it loves is,wet and can knock it back ,but it ain't going away completely ..