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    Cow is off and I can't figure it out

    Three year old cow with a five month old calf, she is in great shape and has plenty of good pasture. I noticed her first because she was hanging back from the other cows. Anyway she is penned up now and she acts like her mouth hurts and drooling, she is not chewing her cud neither is she...
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    bull with issues

    I have a bull that in the last few days has developed a loss of appetite, is drooling and acts like he is not real with it. Also does not like to bend his neck to eat but will sometimes, sometimes not- if I hold feed he eats most anything I give him but not as excited about it as he should be...
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    DDG Price

    Whats DDG costing in your area now?
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    A poem

    I found this over on the dark side.Thought some might enjoy it. angus2 wrote: Tag Team, Back Again Erect him, Collect Him Lets begin The competition Has Begun A worldwide search for the next Hot Son To fix the faults of the last Big Gun The industry pastures are filled with problems. No...
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    Anyone ever put a knee back in?

    I have a 500lb calf that popped her front knee out,anyone got any good info on putting it back?
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    I just wanted to be the first at something today.
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    2 fat 2 breed ?

    I have had a couple fat cows not breed the last couple of years,both cows breed on the first service for at least 3 years,so I'm not thinking it's a fertility problem?Anyway the first cow got breed by a neighbors bull and I got mad and aborted her,I wasn't thinking and pulled the bull before she...
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    Sale Barns

    Anyone know what sale barns are for sale.
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    Argentina bulls Semen book from Argentina.I can't read it,but the pictures are fun to look at.
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    Something to read

    Crossbreeding - Back to the Future - David A. Daley, California State University, Chico (Proceedings of the Beef Improvement Federation 41st Annual Research Symposium April 30 - May 3, 2009, Sacramento, California, USA) Three years ago I was invited to address BIF regarding heterosis and how we...
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    Man if some of ya'll could spare some rain

    It's not much better over here on I-35.They say it's going to rain on easter,but I'm not so sure and we can't even get our fetilizer to melt it just blows away.
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    scour prevention ?

    We never had a problem with scours until we bought to our curent place two years ago.Our vet thinks we should not treat the cows with products like scour guard(he says if we start doing it we will always have to do it,but I would rather have to vac the cows than deal with scours)I do give calf...
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    In the last 100 years

    I stole this link from the advantage site,but was thinking we wasted the last hundred years just getting back to what we started with for the most part. It takes a few minutes to look at them all but I thought it was interesting. ... etype.html
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    DDG or cake

    I was thinking about feeding ddg in bunks to supplement some cows and not cakeing them.Anybody doing this? How does it work for you?
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    John Deere 9300 pasture drill

    Anyone ever have or use one? What did you like or dislike about them? thanks
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    Better to embryo transfer or buy super females???

    How good does $b50 make a cow? How bad is a cow with a $b15? What milk # makes a cow a great one? What price makes a cow great? E.P.D's are just a tool. A 1in Snap-on wrench is nice,but a cresent wrench is alot more usefull unless all you have are 1in bolts. Unless you build a name I think you...
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    Irish Black Bull Not wanting to start more fights,just wondering what you folks think of this bull?
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    Check out this hottie

    True Redneck Tube Top!!!! This was taken in front of the Gardendale, Alabama, Walmart while she was going to the Flea market. Look at it closely. Now I ask you... Who but a redneck... stands and looks at a pair of men's briefs and says hummmm...I can make a nice summer top from...
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    Sale barn bulls

    While at a sale barn today in southern ok I watched a group ten or so of maybe 14-15 mounth old black bulls sell they were weighing 800-900 lbs.They sold for .85-100,but what surprised me was that at least half were requested to be semen check by the the buyers.So I guess if they pass they will...
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    I saw this on one of the other boards 'We, in Ireland, can't figure out why you people are even bothering to hold an election in the United States. On one side, you have a pants wearing female lawyer, married to another lawyer who can't seem to keep his pants on, who just lost a long and...