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    fescue seed

    Is anyone here combining fescue seed around Springfield, MO? The company I work for sent me out to help with a new endeavor to buy some fescue seed. Looks like the weather has really put a damper on things.
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    Trying out this picture thing

    These are the only ones I had on the computer. First one is mostly steers I sold Feb. 1. Solid black calf with yellow tag is a half-blood simangus bull I bought for a clean up bull for the heifers in pic. 2, along with their older half-sibs.
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    small hay roller

    I might have an application for a little 3 foot roller. I don't want to spend ten grand or more on a new one, but I was thinking there was one on the market several years ago. By M&W maybe? Does anyone remember. I know I can kick smaller rolls out of the big roller, but I can't pull it with...
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    D&*(%d pinkeye

    Just have to rant. It's horrible this year, I guess because the flies are horrible. I vaccinated everything last year and vaccinated all the calves this year. Even with no vaccines, the cows don't have it.....yet. Running 60% infection rate and counting on the calves that were vaccinated...
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    Master Thief

    Just noticed I have one. This heifer calf is growing remarkably well and fat as mud. Now I know why. I watched her stealing milk from three different cows yesterday. She's good. Sneaks in while another calf is sucking and uses it as a blind, or comes in from the back where the cow can't...
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    Black Charolais?

    Looks like somebody else has jumped on the bandwagon. I know this isn't really news, but it was news to me. I haven't bothered to post a link, but search for three trees ranch. Angus and Charolais go together like peanut butter and jelly for me, but I don't know about a black charolais.
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    Diff lock on a NH6640

    I've never seen a tractor without a locking differential (until now?). FIL bought a 6640 (no cab) and I cannot find a diff lock anywhere. Manual doesn't even make mention of one. Any clues?
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    I bought a feeder heifer that I suspect is a freemarten. That in itself doesn't bother me since she is a feeder. However, all the steers ride her nonstop. Is there anything hormonal I can implant or inject to stop this nonsense, or must I separate her?
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    simple math

    Sixty year old man found himself infatuated with the little 20 year old girl next door and, well, one thing led to another. He was riddled with guilt and admitted his sin to his wife. The wife replied, "Oh Honey, it's ok. I had an affair with a 20 year old man and, just so you know, 20 goes...
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    Disc Mowers

    The old 452 NH (actually made by Kuhn) has finally worn out after 17 years and thousands of acres of reliable service and we are looking for a replacement. Any thoughts on pros and cons of currently available mowers? Shaft drive vs. Gear drive? Brands? I've heard that one brand in particular...
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    a little laugh

    I told this one to the preacher on Sunday. He chuckled a little bit. A preacher, a lawyer and a doctor went deer hunting. Being all college educated and smart, they hung their treestands all in a group together. The first deer to walk out was subjected to a barage of gunfire that seemed...
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    bad year

    Pulled a huge calf from a heifer this morning. I haven't weighed it, but I know it's in excess of a hundred pounds. Hard pull. I think the calf will make it, but I'm not sure about momma. She's sitting upright, but paralyzed. Hit her with steroids and banamine, need to get some more...
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    GT Versadrill

    Anybody ever seen, used, or know where to get either parts or a manual for one of these no-till drills? ID plate only says GT Versadrill 805. I have no idea who made it.
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    Salebarn heifers

    Had a cousin who bought three late term heifers at the salebarn (against my advise). "They were too cheap to pass up!" he said. Week later, my phone rings with a request to assist him with pulling a calf. After some examination, we determined that the calf was turned every which way. One...
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    Clearspan Hoophouses

    Does anyone have experience with these? You can see pictures at I am thinking of getting one of the pony wall buildings 38'x60' with end frames and roll up doors. I need a dual purpose building to store hay and occasionally run a few cows in. I might also occasionally pull...
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    sick steer

    I've got a steer that was around 750#, now maybe 675#. I took him to the vet over a week ago when I noticed puss draining from his sheath. Vet said he had gotten a cocklebur up in there that caused an abscess. They flushed him and loaded him up with LA-200 and said he should be fine. Wrong...
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    Does the use of AI (or the associated hormones) result in a higher number of twins. I've heard fertility drugs do in people. Seems like a lot of people on here have twin calves. I've only seen two sets ever. Just curious.
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    syncing cows

    Has anyone ever tried to sync cows for natural cover? I have a couple of small farms rented and neither will support enough cows to justify a dedicated bull. I don't like the AI option because of inexperience and the supposed low conception rate, plus the lack of good facilities. I'm just...
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    BVD vaccines

    I am not sure, but I think I have a problem. I have five cows isolated on a small farm with their first calves. Three out of five calves have birth defects. One has very stiff movement, one is blind, and the third has cataracts on both eyes. The calves are otherwise healthy at this point...