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    Anyone frostseeding clover yet?

    I was just wondering if anyone in the Midwest has started slinging clover yet? Also, have any of you tried broadcasting rye grass and if so were you succesfull? I have some rye seed left from last year and considered mixing it with the clover. Any thought appreciated.
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    I bought a 766 with loader what do ya think

    Hello, I farmed with Dad and Grandpa all my life and just started raising cattle on my own. I had been putting hay out with neighbors 706. I have 2 AC D17's of my own, but wanted a bigger loader tractor. I bought an IH 766 with a Koyker K5 Quick-tach loader on it for $7500. The 766 had been...
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    Grinding corn cob and all?

    If I can buy some down corn for the right price could I grind it cob and all for winter feed for dry cows? Would it be OK with some 32% protein added for fattening steers? Would it hurt to grind the husks too? I have a PTO powered grinder and I think I can buy the corn laying flat in the field...
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    Can I get cows through winter without grain?

    Winter is fast approaching and I am trying to decide how to supplement my cows this winter. I have a couple areas of rye that I can turn them into as it grows. I would like to feed them something natural instead of corn to keep them healthy through the winter. Any suggestions?
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    Is it the right time to plant wheat in IL?

    Hello all, I am returning to farming after a 20 year absence. I am considering planting some wheat or maybe wheat/rye mixture in a couple of played out alfalfa patches. Is it about the right time of year? Will the wheat establish itself quickly enough to prevent erosion. If I disc the patch...
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    Older hereford cows breed for heifers or buy heifer calves?

    I bought a herd of Hereford cows from a neighbor. They are a nice bunch of cows and some produce great baldie calves. Some of them do have udder or teat problems, although they are minor and the cows are still producing good calves. The old cows are healthy, easy on feed, docile, etc. My...
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    Young bull should I keep him?

    I have a herd of older Hereford cows and a very nice Black Angus bull. I just brought home a young bull about 8 mos. old. He is a very good looking bull. Great body shape, very healthy, great coat, full low hanging scrotum, etc. I bought this herd from an older neighbor and I cannot determine...
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    Ideas for changing times

    We all are facing higher input costs. I am just starting out in this Livestock, grass, pasture, hay farming at 42 years old, Starting Late, get it. Anyway, I am trying to learn from my Granpa's generation how to farm with less $$ input and more thought for the long term. Crop rotation, resting...
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    A thought on electric fences, tell us your thoughts

    Someone suggested my dividing hot wire was too low for some big steers. Anyway, I have a VERY hot fence charger on some carefully watched hot wire. The charger is well grounded. When I bring calves home to wean I run the fence in my central paddock, which contains my corral for loading. When I...
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    Some mixed breed beef steers for you all to comment on

    Here are few of the mixed breed beef steers I am raising. Rip them apart for me and I'll try to learn something from you all. They are nothing fancy, just some steers I bought from a friend. Nice animals in my opinion, and I'm going to eat a couple of them no matter what you all say, so have at...
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    Please share your alternative/old time ways

    I am in my second year of raising beef cattle. I am trying NOT to do everything commercially. A good example is the livestock barn I built. It was built by my 2 sons and I. We used some American Chestnut 2x4's and some Fir 2x10's salvage from an old dairy barn. We used locally sawn red oak 1x6's...
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    fattening steers what am I doing wrong

    This is my second year raising cattle for beef. I have 5 in the feedlot right now. They are about 17 months old right now and weigh nearly 1,000lbs each. All 5 are crossbreeds from a Charlaise bull. One of them looks perfect, one little hereford is about 200lbs. behind the other 4, but he was...
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    No-tilled some rye today, any thought?

    I no-tilled about 8 acres of rye today. Some for the cows to graze later and some to bale for hay. I am a big fan of rye. I fed some rye silage last year and there was 0 waste. Anyway just wondered what all you older guru's think of planting rye this time of year and wondered how much forage and...
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    I need advice from the experienced please

    Hello, I just started "farming" last year. In 07 I bought 8 Head of cattle, butchered 5 and sold them by the 1/4 and kept 3 Heifers. The 3 Heifers are bred now by a friends Angus Bull. My plan was to buy 16 head of feeders this year. Well, long story short I now have about 100 Acres of pasture...