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    fescue seed

    What you say is even more true at home. There are very few pure fields of fescue. Those that do exist are on steep ground that only a crack addict would drive a combine on. Anything "flat" enough to thresh is planted in succotash. There must be something restrictive about the soil here...
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    A.I schools

    If you are at UK, the dairy ai's everything and I'm sure the beef program does some repro work as well. Even if there isn't a formal class, I'm sure someone would be willing to give you some lessons or point you in the right direction.
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    fescue seed

    I hate to say it, but I think people around home have been spoiled over the years by tobacco farming. Much of the knowledge, equipment, and infrastructure for other things is gone.
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    fescue seed

    That's not too far; we're actually staying in Bolivar. I'll try to PM a phone number to you. I haven't been on the forum for a long time and the email address I had before is no longer valid. I might need to fix that.
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    fescue seed

    I think 150-300 pounds is common, although I'm sure there are many instances of much higher yields.
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    Importance of a soil test

    Very seldom do I spray anything other than a fence row and I don't spray those near enough. We here in ky are blessed with a plethora of "weeds" that make fantastic forage. I'm not saying you shouldn't spray, but you might be kidding yourself about the relationship between spraying and...
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    fescue seed

    The endophyte is what makes fescue what it is. Gotta take the bad to get the good.
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    fescue seed

    Is anyone here combining fescue seed around Springfield, MO? The company I work for sent me out to help with a new endeavor to buy some fescue seed. Looks like the weather has really put a damper on things.
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    Char Cross Cow Value?

    I have several char x cows and they are some of the best cows I have. Some have made it to 15 before being culled. Most of the ones I have culled have been for blown udders or mastitis from too much milk. I have had a few rattails but haven't noticed much dockage. I have yet to see a scientific...
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    Trying out this picture thing

    Finally, got 'em bigger. Thank God for Google Chrome. That would've been next to impossible in old Internet Explorer.
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    Trying out this picture thing

    These are the only ones I had on the computer. First one is mostly steers I sold Feb. 1. Solid black calf with yellow tag is a half-blood simangus bull I bought for a clean up bull for the heifers in pic. 2, along with their older half-sibs.
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    how to get started

    Nope. Angus would be the way to go. Make sure the milk epd on them cows is at least a 45 and then you can milk 'em. Everybody knows dairies are where the money is. Keep the DOC down close to zero, too. Nobody likes those slow, lethargic cows.
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    Would like opinions on these 2 Simmental Bulls

    I'm looking for something that will make good, efficient mama cows. I'm more interested in structure; feet and legs to be more exact. I'm not as concerned about milk or growth as much as soundness. Also has to be black for my market. I'm not anti-angus, just don't like the ugly feet and...
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    Would like opinions on these 2 Simmental Bulls

    I'm considering using a simm bull myself, but haven't heard of club king. I'll have to check him out. My short list so far includes Nichols Manifest, ACC1 Hustler, Grandmaster, and Fatt butt. I have only managed to find Grandmaster and Manifest calves on the ground locally and have been more...
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    Why Angus?

    Every Charolais x Angus calf I've ever seen had a black hide. Around here, the smokes sell in the same pens with the blacks. The original post said english x continental were docked 2.5 - 2.7 /cwt compared to primarily angus cattle, but what about the extra 100 pounds that were on those...
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    Grass-fed Beef Cattle Genetics 101

    :nod: Mighty fine lookin' cattle down there. Never bought any from him yet, but I treed many a 'coon around his place back in high school. To get back on topic, I still don't get the part about low visceral organ weight. Goes against all common horse sense. How can an animal efficiently...
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    Water Question

    My cows ain't in town, but we have city water county wide. I prefer not to water cattle out of city water because of the bill. There's something about it that the cows love though. They literally walk past creeks and ponds to drink the city water when I have it turned on. I have used it as...
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    Which Chainsaw

    Odd numbers ok, even numbers better. At least that's how it used to be. They've changed the model #'s some. 028 is now 280, etc. 028 was professional grade, 029 was homeowner grade. Don't know about the newfangled options, but easier to use usually means easier to tear up. (chain...
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    High Tensile Corral

    Never used it, but seen pictures a time or two of corrals with real close spacing on the wire(couple inches) and no electric. I remember thinking it looked pretty good.
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    transmission trouble

    maybe just a bad linkage binding. Might also be the safety mechanism that prevents you from shifting into gear unless your foot is on the brake. On most vehicles, you can hear this little click around the shifter or transmission when you push the brake pedal.