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  1. J


    That explains a lot.
  2. J

    SMH always bs

    I was for sure you'd finally tore that new tractor up but nope, just found some trash you promised yourself a long time ago that you'd get cleaned up.
  3. J

    Pocket Knife Poll

    Gerber Auto. Really enjoy the auto open and holds an edge quite well.
  4. J

    Looking for a 29-35hp tractor

    Post later on today when you've got something torn up on it already ;)
  5. J

    Driving fence posts today

    Between $4-4.5 a piece here right now. I assume about the same everywhere down here south of the border.
  6. J

    Hay season 2021

    Thinking I'm going to try and cut tomorrow mid-day and bale on Saturday.
  7. J

    Hay season 2021

    We're just 60-80 miles northeast of you up the interstate. If it wasn't storming like crazy right now I'd lay it down tomorrow and take my chances baling on Sunday.
  8. J

    Hay season 2021

    Hasn't stopped raining here long enough to do anything yet. Red clover just bloomed a few days ago. Fescue has headed out but still green. Still got another week or so of a window before quality becomes a real problem. That said, rain doesn't look like it's going anywhere for another week or ten...
  9. J

    Relief checks for families.......

    I don't see anything wrong with this. Matter of fact, I think it's a step in the right direction.
  10. J

    Alfalfa fall seeded?

    I've considered trying alfalfa on a dedicated plot, but haven't been able to really visualize the gains over the clover & grass mix. Interested to see how yours pans out. I planted quite a bit of cold grazer rye on new ground last August and we didn't have much rain at all until October. Seems...
  11. J

    Proper use of a grapple

    I've watched Neil's videos from Messick's for years. Always have enjoyed them.
  12. J

    Relief checks for families.......

    It works itself out after a while. I'd rather get it over with. Never was much good at waiting for some things.
  13. J

    Optimal time to let a carcass hang

    Shouldn't be any blood left in the carcass after hanging. You sure it wasn't hemoglobin?
  14. J

    The loss of the family owned farm
  15. J

    The loss of the family owned farm

    Yup - family owned businesses and farms are exempt from capital gains tax under the new proposed plan if the heirs continue to run it.
  16. J

    Moderating cow size

    Like what I read but I'd think that it gets a little too warm in the summer months for them here this far south.
  17. J

    Stretching Barbed Wire Poll

    Goldenrod for anything up to 1/8 mile. Over that I pull tight with the little backhoe.
  18. J

    Spray lime

    I can't quite see the guaranteed analysis of the Advanced Cal but I'd like to know what it has for Calcium Carbonate Equivalent. They do list calcium chloride on their website which from what I read, doesn't have much of an effect on soil ph. Interesting results for sure. That's a nice change in...
  19. J

    Dozing and Missouri heat

    Same thing everyone else here plants - fescue. Do yourself a favor and plant fungus free or friendly.